Episode 229: Phil Galfond

Phil Galfond needs as little introduction as any guest we’ve ever had. He’s crushed at virtually all forms of poker at the highest stakes, he’s crushed in the poker training market, and now he’s preparing to crush in the real money poker site market. We talk to him about his rise through the ranks, the Ship It Holla Ballas, Rail Heaven, Run It Once, and his current efforts to┬álaunch a real money poker site. You can follow Phil on Twitter for more updates!

4 thoughts on “Episode 229: Phil Galfond

  1. This is matrix glitching for me!! The way Phil and Andrew explains their decisions and overall poker approach are stunning. Great thinkers!!

  2. Very good episode! Galfond is an intelligent interviewee and provides a rare perspective on high stakes poker play. My tilting over a $600 loss in a 2/5 session pales compared to the emotional stress one could experience at his level.

    Andrew, I also noted that you were spending time in Val Morin. Although I live in the Seattle area, I have a summer home in the area which I rent out in season. If you (or Nate) plan on returning to the area next year, I’d offer you the friends and family rate for your stay. My wife and I spent time there earlier this summer to modernize the place and it turned out quite well. The link is : https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/19448697?s=51

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