Episode 230: Christian Soto Live!

Christian Soto and Andrew meet in-person in Baltimore, hours after playing together in the World Poker Tour main event at Maryland Live!, to commiserate and talk about some key hands. This interview was tremendous fun to record and hopefully will be tremendous fun to listen to as well.

To learn more from Christian you can follow @ChristianSoto08 on Twitter and sign up for his I’ll Name This Strategy Later II seminar.

2 thoughts on “Episode 230: Christian Soto Live!

  1. Great interview.
    I’m not sure I agree with him that the future of live cash is playing much deeper in terms of BB. I would say the opposite.
    If you are willing to put 200 dollars on a table in a casino then you can have more fun that sitting with 9 guys each with 200 dollars fighting over 3 dollars of blinds. Deep-stack is good for the sharks but the casual player would be having more fun if “NL200” was played with blinds $2/$4 or something like that, rather than $0.50/$1 as he seems to think. It’s a separate issue but 9-max is way to many players for live NLHE – too much waiting without cards.

    It was mentioned in the Galfond podcast about the number of philosophy graduates playing poker. It would be tempting to say something about the conventional employability of philosophy graduates, but I actually think part of it is that in poker nobody gives you the correct answer – there are competing schools of thought on almost every issue and you need to use critical thinking to work out who is right and how you should be playing.

    • Yeah this is more my thinking as well. For people (like Christian and me) who love the puzzles and intellectual challenges poker can present, deep-stacked games are more interesting. For folks who mostly just want to gamble, shallower stacks are way more rewarding. And for folks who want to make money, any game played by folks who want to gamble is more rewarding 🙂

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