Episode 231: Peter Chi

Peter Chi is an Assistant Professor of Statistics at Ursinus College teaching an undergraduate statistics course revolving around poker. He’s using this textbook and documenting the experience on his blog. You can also follow him on Twitter @PeterBChi.


0:30 – hello
3:49 – strat
33:19 – peter


Hero ($280) has AsQh UTG, opens to $10. 3 callers, including Villain on the button.

Flop comes Ad4c2c. Pot is $35 after rake. Checks to Villain who bets $25, Hero calls, rest fold.

Turn is Kc. Pot is $85. Hero checks to Villain who bets $50. Hero calls.

River is 9s. Pot is $185. Hero checks to Villain who jams which would put Hero all-in for remaining $195.

5 thoughts on “Episode 231: Peter Chi

  1. Andrew,

    Thanks for the very kind introduction at the beginning of the show! It was super fun chatting with you guys, and thanks so much once again for having me.

    Also, to everyone who listens: please excuse all my verbal crutches. I tend to think I’m pretty good at avoiding them (e.g. when I’m teaching) so I was shocked to hear how heavy I was on them on the show! I was pretty nervous so hopefully that’s all it was.


    • I wouldn’t worry about it. Almost everyone does it – I certainly do, despite extensive training to avoid doing it when I was a competitive debater.

    • haha, I won’t fight you on that 🙂 It felt good as I was putting it in my prep notes, but then as soon as I started actually saying it…

  2. Great episode! Of no particularly significant value to the strategy hand discussion, Bay101 does a button blind, so it would have been 1 on the button, 2 in the small blind and 3 in the big blind.

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