Episode 232: Carlos Chadha

Carlos Chadha has been a professional poker player for nearly 15 years, and in that time he’s mastered everything from Seven Card Stud to Heads Up No Limit Hold ‘Em to Multi-Table Tournaments. He’s also had to master his own ego as he battled downswings and a yearning for the limelight.


7:20 –¬†Ego
22:20 – 7 Card Stud
63:30 – International Relations
70:45 – Heads Up NLHE
84:45 – Multi-Table Tournaments

2 thoughts on “Episode 232: Carlos Chadha

  1. Carlos talks so quickly and in such a nonlinear way that it is very difficult to follow his train of thought and the conversation.

    I know he is a very accomplished professional, but his cadence and focus was like herding cats in the midst of a tornado…

  2. Yeah, I’m a fast talker; next time I do an interview I’ll make a conscious effort to slowdown. My wife is a professional announcer…maybe I’ll get some coaching form her.

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