Episode 233: Andrew Therriault

Andrew Therriault is the Chief Data Officer for the City of Boston. He’s also an enthusiastic poker player and the former Director of Data Science for the Democratic National Committee. We talk to him about how big data and artificial intelligence are shaping poker, politics, and government.


0:30 – Hello and Welcome
4:12 – Andrew Thierrault
72:00 – Strategy


$150 NLH WSOP Circuit event at the Bike, Dec 2015.

Near the end of level 8 (300/600 + 75 ante), I was UTG 8-handed with about a starting stack (10.7k) I raise to 1500 with Jd Jc. Folds around to BB, who calls.

With 3.9k in the pot, flop comes Kh 8d 4h. Villain checks, I check.

Still with 3.9k in the pot, turn is another 4, and Villain checks again. I bet 2k, Villain raises to 5k, I call.

With 13.9k in the pot, river is a third 4, and Villain checks once more. Hero?

7 thoughts on “Episode 233: Andrew Therriault

  1. Very interesting episode! I loved hearing about Andrew’s background in data analysis and application. Also, doing a live strategy segment with your guest was a great way to end the podcast 🙂

    On a side note, what is the song(s) which opens and closes your program?

  2. Awesome guest and great interview! Andrew your questions, especially at the beginning, were exactly what I wanted to know!

    Agreed that ending the episode with a strategy segment with the guest was great. Wish I had thought of asking for that 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing.

    On the poker hand, first off again thanks for sharing a hand where things go bad. I think the biggest mistake is actually on the flop. This is a pretty good flop for JJ, especially heads up. There’s only one over and it’s not an ace which connects with a lot of his range. If you bet, he might fold, and if he calls you can shut down. When you check, he KNOWS he has the best hand which sets up the check-raise on the turn.

    If you only bet JJ (or TT, 99) when three undercards come, that’s a huge leak.

  4. It’s rare for me to really enjoy a podcast when I’ve never heard of the guest, but Therriault was very interesting, so this was another great episode.
    The strat section was good too.

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