Episode 234: Carloose Welch

Carlos Welch has a new home (hotel), a new (used) van, and a new three-barreling range. We talk to him about living in Laughlin and driving across the country, and in our strategy segment, we get some insight into his “Carloose” style of play.

If you aren’t familiar with Carlos, you can hear his full story starting with our first interview on Episode 39. You can follow Carlos on twitter @HipHop101Trivia and watch him stream live on Twitch.


0:30 Carlos Welch
32:40 Carloose Welch (strategy)


8-handed NLHE tournament online, blinds 400/800/80. UTG (29K) limps, SB (5K) completes, Hero (35K) raises to 2400 with Ks Jc, UTG calls, SB folds.

Flop (6240) 7c 4s 2d. Hero bets 3120, Villain calls.

Turn (12480) 9s. Hero bets 5240, Villain calls.

River (24960) 8h. Hero shoves 17K effective, Villain folds.

5 thoughts on “Episode 234: Carloose Welch

  1. With a moderately dry board on the turn, is it really correct to count out the monsters in Villain’s range? He has a very effective river shove left in his stack. I’d think even bad villains could work this out and just flat the turn.

    • The players in my games usually raise the turn here with most hands that can beat one pair. It is definitely a mistake for them to do that, so I purposefully over bluff this spot in order to exploit it. This wouldn’t work if they didn’t make that mistake. That said, the spread is so wide that you could probably throw a few monsters in there and the river shove would still be profitable.

  2. I think the strategy discussion in this episode will be really useful to me. I’m always a bit worried about triple-barreling vs a limp-caller, but I shall try releasing my inner Carloose and seeing how I get on.

    • Just remember that a limp call down from an average small stakes player says, “hey, I have a range not strong enough to limp reraise preflop or check raise postflop.” If you can set up a pot sized river shove and get >50% of that range to fold, then it’s a go.

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