Episode 238: Brad Willis

Brad Willis is the head of blogging for PokerStars and the author of the excellent Rapid Eye Reality blog. We talk to him about politics at the poker table, raising sons, and living as a progressive in the American South. Plus we extract more music recommendations from him!

Brad’s previous appearance was Episode 150. Support the Bay Area Urban Debate League!


0:30 Hello & Welcome
8:24 Strategy
18:17 Brad Willis

Reading and Listening Recommendations

Tyler Childers
John Moreland
Turnpike Troubadors
Blake Mills
Americana Music Festival
Chris Stapleton
Margot Price
Julius Goat Bubbles
David Joy
Ron Rash
George Singleton
Scott Gould
Martin Harris Obsessica

1 thought on “Episode 238: Brad Willis

  1. I really liked Brad take on the political stuff, especially as it relates to home games in the south. I’ve had some interesting night in games like these. This brought back memories.

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