Episode 239: Cory Mikesell

Cory Mikesell is a professional poker player, a chess master, a writer, and the author of 3Bet Pots Game Theory and Practice. We talk about his struggles, his successes, and how thoroughly he’s thrown himself into everything he’s done.

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0:30 – hello and welcome
7:57 – strategy
29:36 – guest


$1/$2 NL Hero opens to $12 with Th Td in the HJ, BN calls.

Jd Jh 5c. Both check.

6d. Hero bets $15, Villain calls.

7h. Hero bets $15, Villain raises to $65, Hero?

5 thoughts on “Episode 239: Cory Mikesell

  1. Speaking of Stephen King, it sounded like there was some kind of Stephen King horror story going on in the background at Nate’s place. But I still liked the interview, thought your guest was very interesting.

  2. Seriously! This is my favorite poker podcast, and as someone who produces podcasts for a living, I really hope your editor mentioned the long stretches of putting away dishes and what I guess must’ve been wrapping something in tin foil to you.

  3. Yes, the background noise was super annoying, but the content was great and I really enjoyed this guest. I always love me some book talk, even if there is always going to be predictable David Foster Wallace mentions (see my own episode–ha).

  4. Fwiw, I found Stephen King’s On Writing to be neither interesting nor helpful. Your mileage may vary obviously

    And just to be difficult, I’d say that if there’s anything even better than reading and writing for improving your writing, it’s editing. That’s like reading and writing in one.

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