Episode 241: The Crypto Show

Poker player and crypto assets trader @blaissezfaire joins us to explain what exactly crypto assets are, why the poker world went crazy for them in 2017, and what the future may hold.


0:30 hello
11:08 strat
28:13 chris


Cryptoassets: The Innovative Investor’s Guide to Bitcoin and Beyond
Jameson @Lopp
Nick Szabo (@NickSzabo4) on the Tim Ferriss Show
Luke Martin @VentureCoinist


Hero is dealt AQdd UTG and raises to .60, folds to villain in SB who 3bets to $2, Hero calls.

Flop is k104 diamonds. Villain checks and hero bets $3 into $4.2, Villain calls.

Turn is Ks and Villain leads $5.1 into $10.2, Hero calls.

River is the As and Villain leads $20.40 into $20.40. Hero?

4 thoughts on “Episode 241: The Crypto Show

  1. Gross, is the river almost always a fold? Not sure if this is a full ring or 6 handed. No reads on villain but bombing the river is almost always a boat right? Maybe i’m just super nitty.

  2. Just call, no hand makes any fucking sense other than AK or AA for value and both of those are HEAVILY discounted because a) no one plays them that way (what’s gonna call???) and b) we block them. What does make sense is a middle pair that reluctantly check called and then thought they could scare you off worse pairs.

  3. Interesting that the podcast made Andrew decide to buy more crypto, it’s made me decide to sell. I got into BTC at $700 a year ago so I suppose I have satisfied my “fear of missing out”. I thought Andrew’s point was very self-perceptive about how it doubling if he didn’t buy it would hurt more than it going to zero if he did.

    It was only mentioned in passing, but I’ve heard a lot of American and other sources equating Trump with Brexit (including Farage doing the same). Not wanting to politard these comments, but I’d say that in some ways they are opposites. The US voters have changed the personalities but locked down how the system works (e.g. with Supreme Court nominees who will stop reform of e,.g. campaign financing), whereas the UK voters have left essentially the same people in charge but made a massive change to how the system works.

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