Episode 244: Ryan Click

Ryan Click is a former professional poker player who now works in sales in the space/aerospace industry (and still plays a lot of poker!). We talk about the future – and present – of space exploration, the importance of a dedicated bankroll for amateur players, overcoming alcohol addiction, and much more.


Intro: 0:30
Interview: 4:12

8 thoughts on “Episode 244: Ryan Click

  1. Great interview.

    And speaking of the “other Andrew”- I think Neeme would make a compelling podcast guest if that were someone you could get a hold of.

  2. Some mention of ACR. Andrew and Nate don’t seem to play on US-facing sites whereas Carlos seems to quite heavily, but I haven’t heard much discussion about that or even any real acknowledgement that you have differing views.

    Not in the US but even so, next time Carlos is on it would be interesting to hear both sides of why intelligent people have come to different conclusions about that.

    But then I’m a debater too.

    • I do a very little bit. We actually just recorded an interview with Carlos where we did actually discuss this a bit, shortly before you left this comment. Great minds!

  3. Great interview. Thanks Ryan for speaking so openly and eloquently and sharing your experience, strength, and hope around alcoholism.

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