Episode 130: Donks on Donking

Nate and Andrew follow up on the strategy discussion of donk betting from Episode 128.1, then discuss protecting your hand and a dealer who miscalled the action.


:30 hello & welcome
15:43 strategy


EP open limps. I raise from HJ with JTo to 20. Button calls, blinds and limper call. Flop 775 two diamonds. SB checks, BB donks for $25 into $100 pot. Limper folds. BB started with $450 and I have him well covered. I raise to $75. Everyone folds except BB who calls. Turn is offsuit 8, he checks. $250 in pot. I bet $100, and he calls. River is the Qd and he checks. I follow through and bet 250 on the river (putting him all in) into 450 and he folds.

Selling WSOP Main Event Action

I’ve got 20% of myself available for sale in the 2015 World Series of Poker Main Event. I’m looking to sell it in blocks of 5% at 1.4 mark-up, meaning that each block will cost $700. If you’re interested or have questions, please leave a comment here or write me at andrew (at) thinkingpoker net.

Please also be aware that my winnings as well as any payments I make to you may be reported to the IRS, and you will need to provide address, social security number (or equivalent, for non-Americans), and any other information required for this purpose. This isn’t information that I need in advance, but in the event that I need to pay out profits to you, it’s information I’ll need to collect before paying out your share of the winnings.

Episode 129: Mistakes with Gareth Chantler

Gareth quits his job. Nate folds an overpair. Andrew agrees to let Gareth come back on the show.

Gareth’s last appearance on the show was Episode 123. For those who don’t know who he is, his first appearance was Episode 6.


0:30 – hello & welcome
46:10 – strategy: folding an overpair


Blinds 300/600/75. Hero (12K) opens to 1450 with Kd Kh. Late middle position (15K), SB (10K), and BB (20K) call.

T96cc. Check, check, check, 3000, fold, shove for 15K, Hero folds.

Episode 128.1

This isn’t a proper podcast episode, but it’s better than nothing! Andrew goes solo, with no co-host, no editor, and no bumper music (or, perhaps, worse than no bumper music). He talks about his World Series of Poker so far and discusses some hands related to donk betting.

The 2015 Nitcast Las Vegas Meetup will take place on July 6th, which is Day 1b of the WSOP Main Event. Don’t worry, though! The meetup will start at 10AM, so even if you’re playing that day, you can start off on the right foot by stopping in to say hello. We’ll meet at the Gold Coast bowling alley and will be there until at least Noon, possibly later. If you’re in town, please stop in and see us!


I opened 2.5x from the CO with As Tc, a good player in the small blind called, and the big blind folded. Flop came 7s 9h Js. Villan donked about half pot, I raised 3.5x, he folded.

Blinds 100/200 button opened to 450 SB called and I called Ks Ts in the BB. Flop Qs 9d 8d SB checked I bet 900 button folded SB called. Turn 5, SB checks, I bet 1800 with 4500 behind, he folded. Plan was to jam most rivers if he called.

Happy Birthday Carlos! (Monster Stack)

The most exciting news of the day comes to us from Carlos, who reports:

So I bust the PH 200K and at the last minute, a friend from back home hits me up to late reg the Monster. I rush over and get in with 15 mins left in the 200/400 level. I have 16.5K at dinner.
AA to AK takes me to 26K.
Stolen blinds take me to 31K.
99 to KJo shorty shove takes me to 39K.
Last hand of the night, I defend 54s against aggro guy with 20bbs. Flop TT7 with a flush draw for me. I check shove and end the night with 47.5K
Didn’t see many flops at all.
While we were bagging, a guy got excited and says “it’s after midnight, I cannot believe I bagged on my birthday!” At this point, I break my silence for the first time and reveal the fact that I am also a fish on a heater and that we share a birthday. There was a bracelet winner on my right (Greg Ostrander) bragging about how he took down a 3K three years ago for $750K. I cut him off mid sentence all like yadda yadda yadda. It’s my birthday, take my picture and he did.

WSOP $1500 (No Podcast This Week)

Sorry gang, but will all the poker I’ve been playing, I haven’t been around at our usual recording times, and we don’t have a show for you this week. I will, however, present a few hands from yesterday’s $1500 NLHE event.

My original table was awesome, and I got off to a great start, chipping up from 7500 to over 10K in the first hour. Probably the most interesting hand from that level began with UTG, one of the better of my opponents, opening to 125. The CO and SB called, and I had an easy call with 88 in the BB.

The flop came K77r. We checked to the pre-flop raiser, who bet 250, about half of the pot. I again had an easy call.

The turn was another K, I bet 250, or about 1/4 pot, and he folded.

Think about our respective ranges at this point. Neither of us is particularly likely to have a full house, which means that while UTG will occasionally bluff or value bet this turn, he’s going to check behind very often. I can make a little bet like this with my relatively strong range. When I have a hand like 88, I don’t gain much from Villain’s calls, but I do keep him from cheaply realizing his equity when he has unpaired overcards. My stronger pairs do a little better when called but still gain when Villain folds QJ or whatever. And my full houses profit by not allowing Villain to pot control his big pairs.

WSOP $1K Turbo

Delightful little tournament. As in the Millionaire Maker the day before, I found plenty of good spots in a short amount of time and finished with time left over to play cash.

The table was, perhaps not quite as good as the previous day’s, but pretty spectacular. I made good use of one live tell, but mishandled another.

You Raise, I Call

At the 25/50 level, I looked down at 22 and was reaching for raising chips when I noticed the player on my left loading up. I grabbed just two green chips and called. He raised to 250, and I called. The flop came 843 and we both checked, so I immediately put him on whiffed overcards. The turn brought a 2, and I bet 200. This probably should have been more, but I really didn’t want to let him off the hook if he just had a gutshot, and I thought the smaller size might even keep in a hand like KQ. The river was a 9, I bet 400, and he called so quickly that I regretted not betting more, but at the time it seemed like a reasonable amount to expect an unimproved AQ to call.

Calling Chips

Millionaire Maker Day 1B

Today went pretty much perfectly. I had an amazing table draw in the Millionaire Maker, put my money in good several times, busted in just a few hours, got a seat in 10/25 game, won back my MM entry and then some, registered for tomorrow’s $1K turbo, and got home in time to make dinner. I even timed the lights well on the drive back from the Rio.

I don’t think any of the Millionaire Maker hands were terribly interesting (though some were humorous), so here’s one from cash. UTG is the spot at the table, which isn’t to say he’s terrible by any means, but he’s got a huge amount of money in front of him and is a little too eager to stick it into the pot. BB seems to be a very talented player, not sure what either of them thinks of me. BB has 9K, I have 10K, UTG covers us both. One player is away, so game is eight-handed.

UTG opens for $75, I call UTG1, and BB calls.

Flop ($235 in pot) Ah 8s 3c. Checks around.

Turn ($235 in pot) Qd. BB bets $150, UTG folds, I raise to $625.

What should my raising range look like? What should BB call with? What should he 3-bet?


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