PLO8 WCOOP Bustout Hand

I’m too tired to try to pick out the most interesting hand of the tournament, so here’s the one I busted on. I’d be curious to hear from those who know more about this game whether I might be better off just calling flop. FWIW Villain is Caio Pimento, who’s a legendarily aggressive NLHE tournament player. He wasn’t like far and away the most aggressive player at our table or anything, but you can assume he’s got all the moves and is opening relatively wide etc.

Pre Flop: (t7500) Hero is SB with 8 of diamonds T of clubs 2 of spades A of diamonds
UTG raises to t10000, 2 folds, Hero calls t7500, BB calls t5000

Flop: (t30000) K of diamonds Q of hearts 2 of diamonds (3 players)
Hero checks, BB checks, UTG bets t20000, Hero raises to t90000, BB folds, UTG raises to t148555 all in, Hero calls t44768 all in

Turn: (t299536) 9 of hearts (2 players – 2 are all in)

River: (t299536) 4 of clubs (2 players – 2 are all in)

An Interesting Stud/8 Hand

The Stud/8 situations I find most interesting are often those where you have what looks like a low hand but is actually a high hand or vice versa. I’ll post the hand first then say a few things about it:

Poker Stars $300+$20 Limit Stud Hi/Lo Tournament – t100/t200 Limit + t20 – 7 players – View hand 2576621

DeucesCracked Poker Videos Hand History Converter

Seat 1: t4010 M = 13.83
Seat 2: t7900 M = 27.24
Seat 3: t6091 M = 21.00
Seat 4: t7605 M = 26.22
Seat 5: t4676 M = 16.12
Hero (): t5651 M = 19.49
Seat 8: t2151 M = 7.42

3rd Street: (1.4 SB)
Seat 1: xx xx 5 of spades____Seat 1 completes____Seat 1 calls
Seat 2: xx xx 8 of clubs____Seat 2 folds
Seat 3: xx xx T of hearts____Seat 3 folds
Seat 4: xx xx K of hearts____Seat 4 folds
Seat 5: xx xx A of clubs____Seat 5 raises
Hero: 4 of hearts 5 of hearts 2 of diamonds___Hero brings in for $30___Hero calls
Seat 8: xx xx 8 of spades____Seat 8 folds

4th Street: (7.4 SB) (3 players)
Seat 1: xx xx 5 of spades J of hearts____Seat 1 folds
Seat 5: xx xx A of clubs 6 of clubs____Seat 5 bets
Hero: 4 of hearts 5 of hearts 2 of diamonds 4 of clubs___Hero calls

5th Street: (4.7 BB) (2 players)
Seat 5: xx xx A of clubs 6 of clubs 3 of diamonds____Seat 5 bets____Seat 5 calls
Hero: 4 of hearts 5 of hearts 2 of diamonds 4 of clubs 3 of spades___Hero raises

Checking the Nut Flush Draw

This is something I do sometimes. There are often exploitive reasons for it, but I do also think it’s good to be capable of making a flush on the turn when you check back the flop. This hand from the $300 Ante Up WCOOP illustrates why:

PokerStars – $300+$20|5/5 Ante 300 NL – Holdem – 9 players
Hand converted by PokerTracker 4:

BB: 2476.4 BB
UTG: 8686.2 BB
UTG+1: 10924 BB
MP: 4431.4 BB
MP+1: 5299.6 BB
MP+2: 11989.8 BB
CO: 3856.2 BB
Hero (BTN): 8377.2 BB
SB: 6175 BB

9 players post ante of 60 BB, SB posts SB 1 BB, BB posts BB 1 BB

Pre Flop: (pot: 542 BB) Hero has Ad Td
fold, fold, fold, MP+1 raises to 2 BB, MP+2 raises to 548 BB, fold, Hero calls 548 BB, fold, fold, fold

Flop : (1640 BB, 2 players) Qc 2d 4d
MP+2 checks, Hero checks

Turn : (1640 BB, 2 players) 5d
MP+2 checks, Hero bets 1128 BB, MP+2 raises to 2413.6 BB, Hero calls 1285.6 BB

River : (6467.2 BB, 2 players) 5s
MP+2 bets 8968.2 BB and is all-in, Hero calls 5355.6 BB and is all-in

MP+2 shows Jd Ks (One Pair, Fives) (Pre 38%, Flop 17%, Turn 0%)
Hero shows Ad Td (Flush, Ace High) (Pre 62%, Flop 83%, Turn 100%)
Hero wins 17178.4 BB

Episode 94: Terrence Chan

Terrence Chan discusses his long career, from the beginning of the poker book and working at PokerStars to the current state of regulated online poker at the US and his stint with Ultimate Poker. All that plus his mixed martial arts career, his Life After Poker podcast, and his search for a new passion. Oh and Stud strategy!

Strategy Segment

Dead cards are Q, Q, 7, and a few I wasn’t able to write down. Other upcards are K and 5, who play with me.

Ante is $1 and we’re playing 8-handed. $3 bring-in. The 5 brings it in. I raise third to act with (Q9)A.

I get called in two places, by the K and the 5, which is unusual for the game.

Fourth street:

I bet, both call.

Fifth street:

K88 bets, 5xx calls, I call

Sixth street:


Now the eights check and the fives bet. Hero folds.

Crucial WCOOP Double-Up

This was from the first table of the $300 6-handed NLHE shoot-out. Villain is a very successful tournament player but in my opinion not fundamentally solid. Basically he’s learned how to take advantage of a lot of common weaknesses found in MTT players but is slow to adapt and back off a bit when faced with more balanced opponents who don’t have those same leaks.

As I was on his immediate left and he was trying to play every pot, we clashed a lot throughout the tournament. Early on he folded to my 3- and 4-bets or my c-bets, but eventually he shifted that dynamic by check-raising me twice on pretty dry flops. Both times I suspected that he had nothing but folded anyway as I was near the bottom of my range. If I’d gotten into a pissing contest with him, he may well have won. Instead I tried to keep 3-betting and barreling good ranges, and eventually it paid off.

This may seem like a very straight-forward hand, but I think when people know that they’re up against a very aggressive player who tries to win every pot, they’re tempted to get fancy when they turn the nuts and try to induce bluffs or something. I know I have that temptation, anyway. But that’s rarely the best way to play the nuts, and a line that polarizes your range can easily lead to stubborn call downs from these players.

Heroic WCOOP Fold

I got the WCOOP off to a decent start today, ultimately busting Event 1 ($109 full ring NLHE) and Event 3 ($215 Sunday Million replacement) on coin flips and min-cashing Event 2 ($215 6-handed). Early in Event 2 I made a pretty nitty river fold that I think is interesting and worthy of some discussion.

PokerStars – $200+$15|60/120 Ante 15 NL – Holdem – 9 players
Hand converted by PokerTracker 4:

Hero (BTN): 75.23 BB
SB: 93.64 BB
BB: 70.51 BB
UTG: 120.21 BB
UTG+1: 95.52 BB
MP: 49.17 BB
MP+1: 135.2 BB
MP+2: 110.58 BB
CO: 72.73 BB

9 players post ante of 0.13 BB, SB posts SB 0.5 BB, BB posts BB 1 BB

Pre Flop: (pot: 2.63 BB) Hero has Tc 9c
fold, fold, fold, MP+1 raises to 2 BB, fold, CO calls 2 BB, Hero calls 2 BB, fold, fold

Flop : (8.63 BB, 3 players) 9h Qd Td
MP+1 bets 4.5 BB, CO calls 4.5 BB, Hero calls 4.5 BB

Turn : (22.13 BB, 3 players) Th
MP+1 checks, CO checks, Hero bets 7.4 BB, MP+1 calls 7.4 BB, fold

River : (36.93 BB, 2 players) Jd
MP+1 checks, Hero bets 15.37 BB, MP+1 raises to 121.18 BB and is all-in, fold

MP+1 wins 67.66 BB

The Worst Seat at the Table

My latest poker strategy article, The Worst Seat at the Table Should Be the One On Your Right, is now appearing in 2+2 Magazine. It’s about how, simply by playing well and applying pressure with the right kinds of hands in the right situations, you should end up making life difficult for the player on your right in a deep-stacked no-limit game:

Sowing these seeds of doubt and conveying the impression that you could have anything is an important part of making your opponents uncomfortable, and it’s most important vis-à-vis the player on your right. You don’t have to be combative, but resist the temptation to do the nice thing and tell them what you had. Even lying is less helpful for this purpose than saying nothing at all. Let the doubt eat away at them.

Episode 93: Andrew “BalugaWhale” Seidman

Andrew and Nate review a hand from a live $1/$2 cash game before talking with semi-professional poker player, entrepreneur, and DeucesCracked coach Andrew Seidman about a myriad of topics, including his book Easy Game (Andrew’s review here), his travels, his studies, and much more.

Here is the hand history discussed in the strategy segment:

1-2 NL table, 6-handed, effective stacks $300.

UTG calls, Hero calls UTG1 with Kc 6c, CO folds, BN raises to $12, everyone calls.

Flop ($55 in pot) KhJx5h. Everyone checks.

Turn ($55 in pot) KhJx5hTx. Checks to Hero, Hero bets $35, both blinds call.

River ($160 in pot) KhJx4hTxJh. SB checks, BB bets $25, Hero shoves $250.

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