WSOP Road Trip 2014 Day 6

Objectives: Spend the day in Zion National Park! Complete an appropriately challenging family-friendly hike, swim in the Virgin River, and get back to the campground before the gate closes at 9PM.

The Emerald Pools

After five days of heavy driving, we’d covered enough ground that we could afford a full day of idle fun. It began with a hike to the Emerald Pools, a series of three pools about half a mile apart. This gave us the flexibility to choose a round trip as short as one mile or as long as three miles.

The first pool, formed by water that seeps through limestone cliffs and carves a sort of cave as it makes its way to the Virgin River, was a hit. The kids enjoyed climbing around the cave and weren’t too enthusiastic about hiking further along the trail, even though Oliver in particular had spent much of the past day whining about how he wanted to go hiking.

We’d told the kids we could turn around at the second pool, but when we got there, it was so underwhelming that Jerica told them we weren’t quite there yet. Distance-wise, there really wasn’t much further to go, only 4/10 of a mile. What we didn’t know is that this last leg of the trail involved by far the most elevation gain and exposure to the sun.

Episode 87: Mike “GoLeafsGoEh” Leah

Nate is back on the program to discuss a hand he played in the World Series of Poker Main Event, then he and Andrew talk with Mike “goleafsgoeh” Leah about mixed games, how he got into poker, backing, and more.

WSOP Road Trip 2014 Day 5

Objective: Drive approximately 8 hours from our campground near Golden, CO to the vicinity of Zion National Park. Find a place to camp on near the park.

Optional: Find a place to swim.

I woke around 3:30AM. Despite the fact that I was burrowed inside of my sleeping bag with the top pulled over my head, I was still shivering. I tried a few times to go back to sleep, but it just wasn’t happening.

At Emily’s advice, I brought a hat and gloves with me, even though I couldn’t imagine it getting cold enough, even overnight, for me to need them when camping in the summer. Well, I needed them, they were in the car, and Jerica had the keys in her tent.

Reluctantly, I shivered my way over to where she and the kids were sleeping, bent down close to the door, and whispered her name a few times. Walter started crying, and that woke Jerica, so mission accomplished I guess?

She passed me the car keys but also told me that if I wanted we could also just leave and get a really early start on the day. Even with a hat on I was still unbearably cold, so I got the car packed up, hopefully buying her an extra hour or so of sleep, and then roused her again when only her kids and her tent remained to be packed.

Episode 86: WSOP Hands with Leo Wolpert

Nate’s no longer in Vegas, but Andrew and Leo Wolpert sit down during Day 6 of the Main Event to talk about their own deep runs in the WSOP as well as some key hands from their 2014 tournament.

WSOP Road Trip 2014 Day 4

This is a continuation of a series of posts that starts here with an introduction to who these people are and why I’m driving to Las Vegas with them.

Objective: Drive approximately five hours from Hays, Kansas to a campground just west of Denver, Colorado.

Rigging and Hustling

Because we’d covered more ground than planned for the past two days, we had room to make this day a bit shorter if we wanted. I’d deliberately avoided making a reservation, though, because I wanted the flexibility to go further if the opportunity presented itself. It did not, and apparently a warm, clear Saturday night is a good time to make a reservation if you’re planning on camping in the vicinity of Denver. It sounds obvious when you put it like that.

Anyway, we once again got an early start and drove over an hour before the kids woke up. Jerica, her husband (my cousin), and Henry had actually driven across the country before, when Henry was 2 and they were moving from Oregon to Maryland. Jerica remembered that they’d randomly come across a really cool playground somewhere in eastern Colorado. She didn’t remember the name of the town, but fortunately her husband did and was able to text it to us, so we set our sights on Burlington, Colorado for breakfast and a playground break.

Main Event Bustout Hand

I’ve obviously been running this over in my head a lot, so I might as well post it here. It’s the last hand before break, blinds are 250/500/25. I have a little shy of 20K, Villain has 30 or 35K. He seems to be the only other pro at the table and has been pretty aggressive pre-flop since most people aren’t fighting back that much. He’s opened a lot of pots and got into one re-raising war where he won without showdown after 5-betting half his stack and c-betting the flop. He and I haven’t tangled yet, and I haven’t played many hands, but I did 3-bet out of both the BB and SB last orbit and take it both times. There was also a hand where I called an early position raise out of my big blind and bet out at a Ts 7d 5s flop to take it down – that will be relevant in a moment.

Action folds to Villain on the Button, where he opens for his usual 1100. The player in the BB is a pretty soft spot, and between that and the fact that it’s the last hand before break I think Villain may well be opening any two cards. I have Jc 9c in the SB, and already I think I have a few options. Folding can’t be too bad, but I do think it’s a little bad considering how wide I expect him to be. I didn’t want to get into a pre-flop war, so I called. With my hand, I really don’t mind BB coming along, which he does.

Episode 85: Finally in Las Vegas!

After a cross-country drive, Andrew has finally reunited with Nate in Las Vegas for the 2014 World Series of Poker Main Event! The two are joined by Carlos to talk about a few hands Nate played in a preliminary 10-game event, low-stakes tournaments in Vegas, and much, much more.

My 2014 WSOP Main Event Begins Today

Needless to say, I’m looking forward to it. Nate ended up switching from Day 1C to 1B, and I was tempted to do the same, but last-minute changes tend to throw me off, as I’d already mentally planned some things I wanted to do yesterday. The only downside to this is likely to be some ten-handed play, as they are expecting a huge turnout for today. I can live with that, though, as a huge turnout should also mean a weak field.

I got some writing done yesterday, played a short cash session, and met up for dinner with friends Nate, Nico, Soeren, and Breyer, who all played yesterday, and Jeremy, a regular podcast correspondent whom we met at Saturday’s get-together. The cash session went great and put me in a good mindset for today. I made some good value bets, pulled the trigger on some big bluffs (was 50/50 on those, which is actually a fine ratio, and I think the one that didn’t work was nonetheless an uncontroversial spot to three-barrel), and just all around played well.

My phone battery has been a little unreliable of late but hopefully I’ll be able to entertain and inform on Twitter and bring you a happy update here tomorrow. On that note, I’m not sure about the others, but Nate finished Day 1 with over 70K, a well-above-average stack.

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