Live MTT Hand History Review

My latest series of poker tournament training videos is now appearing on Tournament Poker Edge. This review of some key hands from a $2000 main event at Maryland Live is a rare chance to see a training video focused on a live multi-table tournament, and to see me butt heads with the likes of Christian Harder and Brian Hastings.

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Episode 100: Nate Meyvis and Andrew Brokos

This landmark episode sets a new bar for navel-gazing, as guest hosts Carlos Welch and Gareth Chantler turn the tables on guest guests Andrew and Nate and ask about their lives, their poker careers, and their work together on the podcast.

The Thinking Poker Diaries, Volume 1

I’m excited to announce, to those who missed the news on Twitter and the podcast, that I’ve finally published a book! It’s based on my 2006 World Series of Poker Main Event, and it’s actually the first in a series of e-books compiling updated and revised versions of my most popular trips reports with commentary on strategy topics that arise during the reports. So basically, you get the entertainment of a report from a major poker tournament supplemented by strategy essays that will help you improve your game while you’re reading.

For just $2.99, you can purchase The Thinking Poker Diaries, Volume 1 directly from me (you’ll get an EPUB, a PDF, and a Kindle file) or from Amazon (Kindle file only).

There’s a substantial preview available on Amazon, but for a better idea of what to expect, here’s the Table of Contents:

How I Became A Poker Player
Introduction to the WSOP
Day One
Three-Betting Light
Day Two
The Bubble
Day Three
Playing a Short Stack
Day Four
More Stories! More Strategy! More Poker!

For those who do read it, please star & review on Amazon and recommend to your friends. I deliberately made the book very inexpensive because I’m more interested in reaching a wide audience than in maximizing my profit.

Episode 99: Ben Sulsky

For a guy who’s played $500/$1000 no-limit, Ben “Sauce123″ Sulsky is a surprisingly nitcast-appropriate guest. He talks about his background in philosophy, his low-rolling lifestyle, how he arrived at the heavily game theoretic style he plays today, and how he thinks artificial intelligence will shape the future.

The Thinking Poker Diaries

As announced on the show, The Thinking Poker Diaries Volume 1 now available at and will be available on Amazon on October 23 (the latter is actually a slight clarification from what was announced on the show).


0:30 – Hello & Welcome
10:23 – Mailbag: Locking up a win
23:04 – Interview: Ben Sulsky

Coming Attraction: Ben Sulsky

As you’ve probably noticed, Episode 99 of the Thinking Poker Podcast has not yet been released. After recording a great interview with Ben “Sauce123″ Sulsky, we discovered some noise on the file that our once-again editor Sean Lango is working hard to fix. His tentative prognosis is that Nate and our guest will both sound pretty good, but the things I say will be a little harder to listen to. So, pretty much par for the course.

Apologies for the delay. I can tell you, though, that Nate and I are both very excited about this interview, which could be released as soon as tomorrow (Wednesday). Ben proved to be an ideal guest, not only a smart and charming poker player but also a life nit and a student of philosophy!

Episode 98: Chris Moon

Chris Moon, a border-straddling tournament pro and Tournament Poker Edge instructor, is on the show this week talking about Detroit, economics, data science, five-betting light, and searching for a post-poker career.


0:30 - hello and welcome
6:00 - Strategy: An O/8 hand
35:27 – Interview: Chris Moon

I have 80K and I am on the Cutoff.

I have Ad 2d 4d 10c
Folds to me and I raise to 20K
Fold to BB and he calls.

Flop comes QAA
BB checks. I bet 10K
He raises to 20K. I call.

Turn is 6h
BB bets 20K I call

River is Jc
BB bets 20K

Mailbag: Friends Don’t Bluff Friends

Sorry for the delay on this week’s podcast. We do still have an episode in the works. In the meanwhile, here’s a hand submitted by listener favorite Carlos Welch in which he bluffs frequent commenter Pie Farmer. My comments at the end:

Q: This is a hand from our regular 1-2 game. Villain is Pie Farmer.

A few hands earlier, I stacked a guy’s boat with quads, which prompted the table to go into their weekly chorus about how “Carlos always has the nuts” which roughly translates to “Please bluff us.” Unfortunately when I found a good spot for it, my friend Pie Farmer was in the hand. I kinda felt bad because he was already getting unlucky during the game, but the spot was too sweet not to take. He took it in stride and I think we will both learn a lot from it.

Effective stacks are $200 and he covers. He opens for $10 from EP with KK. MP calls and I call on the button with Ad2d.
Pot $30. The flop is Tc8c8d and it checks around.
Pot $30. The turn is the Td. Pie Farmer bets $20 and MP calls.

Reg Wars

If you’ve been mourning the lack of brag posts here since the end of WCOOP, your prayers have been answered. My latest poker strategy article, Reg Wars, is an extended brag about a big bluff from a $10/$25 game:

It’s often correct to fold a weak flush draw to a bet and a raise, but this tough player had really been hammering on the weaker spots at the table, raising every limp, etc. The pre-flop raiser had nearly $5,000 in front of him and was quite unlikely to go to the felt with any hand that he would raise in early position. I knew this, and I strongly suspected that the button did as well. He and I had a little over $7,500 remaining in our stacks, and I had just enough of a hand to put him to the test.

As always, I’m eager for any feedback or suggestions for topics you’d like to see covered in a future article.

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