Palmyra FAQ

Q: Who is that INCREDIBLE band I hear on the Thinking Poker Podcast?
A: Palmyra, a Brooklyn based quintet which has been inactive since 2013. Members were Gina Pensiero (songs, vocals, guitar), Karl Sturk (guitar), Kenny Roebuck (trumpet, vocals), Sean Lango (bass, synth), and Jonathan Lango (drums).

Q: That’s so sad that they’re inactive, where can I hear more?
A: has the old stuff, but they have a new project here at soft center is made up of two members of Palmyra: Gina Pensiero and Sean Lango.

Q: Which songs are used on the podcast?
A: The intro song is Spires. The outro song is called Whereby the Signatory. And snippets used from bumpers include Cold Coffee, Suicidal Female Poets, and on rare occasions Lights Dot. These can all be found on the Palmyra bandcamp under the albums Hoodcat and The City, On Repeat.

Q: Will Palmyra ever play again?
A: Besides their weekly appearance on the Thinking Poker Podcast, it’s quite likely that the Palmyra-specific chapter is closed. But Gina’s voice does live on in her collaboration with Sean, soft center (, Karl’s got a project called Bullfighter (, Jon drums with great rock and jazz groups all over NYC (currently lots of work with punk band, and Kenny reserves his immense musical gifts for his family at home.