Episode 184: Chris Moorman

Chris Moorman, with over $10 million in cashes, is widely regarded as the winningest player in online tournament poker. This wide-ranging interview covers his beginnings as a competitive bridge and pool player, his struggles with staking, his role as 888Poker Ambassador, and whether there was ever any truth to the scuttlebutt that he couldn’t hack it in the live arena. You can visit Chris Moorman’s website and follow him on Twitter. Timestamps 0:30 hello & strategy 22:44 chris moorman Strategy 2/5 table at the rio.¬†I’m in the sb with AsQc. UTG limps for 5, UTG +1 raises to 15. Folds … Read more…

Episode 183: Aaron Brown

Aaron Brown is a professional-poker-player-turned-Wall-Street-trader. You may know him as the author of The Poker Face of Wall Street, but he’s got a lot to say about gambling, economics, and our favorite, the “old days” of poker in private games and smoky California card rooms. Timestamps 0:30 – hello & welcome 8:38 –¬†strategy 26:37 – aaron brown interview Strategy This hand is from a $365 wsop circuit event. Re-entry. Level 2 blinds are 50/100. Starting stack was 10k and I have almost exactly that amount. Villian in the hand seems to be a competent player/circuit grinder type probably early 30s. … Read more…

Episode 182: It’s Better Than Nothing!

Technical difficulties and vacation schedules nearly kept the show off the air for two weeks running, but there’s no keeping Nate and Andrew down! We’ve got a short, strategy-only show to tide you over until we return with an awesome guest next week! Strategy $2/$5 NLHE Hero ($1000) limps JJ UTG. MP limps, CO ($900) raises to $30, Button ($900 calls), Hero raises to $125, MP folds, CO calls, Button calls. Flop ($375 in pot) Kh Qd Jh. Hero bets $175, CO calls, Button folds. Turn ($725 in pot) 7d. Hero bets $275, CO calls. River ($1275) 2s. Hero shoves … Read more…

Episode 181: Ian Simpson

Ian Simpson is a former (and future) teacher in the United Kingdom. His fourth place finish in the 2012 Paddy Power Irish Poker Open proved literally life-changing, not only because of the money but because it presented the opportunity to spend a year playing poker professionally. Success bred success, and that year has turned into four years, leaving Ian wondering whether and when he’ll return to the teaching career he still loves. You can follow @IanSimpsonPoker on Twitter and read his blog. Timestamps 0:30 hello and welcome 3:43 Ian Simpson

Episode 180: The WSOP Main Event!

Andrew, Nate, and THE Carlos Welch gather in a hotel room at the Gold Coast to discuss their first day in the WSOP Main Event. There’s loads of strategy talk, as Nate bet-folds the river, Carlos gets full value from a set, and Andrew navigates some dicey situations with AK. Plus, Andrew discusses his encounter with Chris Ferguson. Timestamps 0:30 – Hello and welcome; words with Ferguson 25:25 – Strategy from WSOP Main Event

Episode 179: Andrew at the WSOP

The WSOP is obviously a busy time, so we just recorded a quick conversation this week, covering some general stuff about the World Series of Poker and a few of the first events/hands Andrew played. Please note that this was recorded before Nate arrived in Las Vegas, and before Andrew played with Chris Ferguson.

Episode 178: Noted Timeshare Authority Ed Miller

Ed Miller is back to talk about Daily Fantasy Sports, his writing, and finding edges not just on the felt but in life. All that plus a strategy segment from Nate! This episode is sponsored by Shark Clock and Tournament Poker Edge. Timestamps 0:30 hello 5:05 strategy with nate 24:33 ed miller

Episode 177: Alex Sutherland

Alex Sutherland is a professional poker player and software designer, responsible for inflicting Table Ninja and GTO Range Builder on the poker world. We talk to him about transitioning back and forth between these worlds, common misunderstandings about the application of game theory to poker, and what working with a GTO solver has taught him about poker. Alex recommends reading The Three Body Problem by Cixin Liu. This episode is sponsored by Shark Clock and Tournament Poker Edge. Timestamps 0:30 – hello 6:11 – strategy 50:40 – alex sutherland Strategy This week’s strategy discussion uses GTO Range Builder to investigate … Read more…