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Episode 134: Julie Anna Cornelius

Before Julie Anna Cornelius became a professional poker player, she was a ballet dancer and a flight attendant working in the fleet of one of the poker world’s most notorious characters. In this interview, she shares her story and reflects on the nature of dedication, competition, talent. and hard work.

You can follow Julie Annie on Twitter @LuckyJadeJules.

Thanks to PokerWomenNews for suggesting this guest. If you enjoy our interview with Julie Anna, be sure to check out theirs.


:30 – hello
20:55 – strat
45:42 – interview


Hero: 89.00 Villain: 86.00, Effective Stacks 170bb

Folds to Villain on BTN

Villain (BTN) raises to 1.50
Hero (sb) 3 bets to 5.50 with Jc10c
BB Folds
BTN calls

Flop: 2c7h8c pot: 11.50

Hero bets 5.75
Villain calls

Turn comes 9s, board is 2c7h8c9s pot: 23
Hero bets 11.50
Villain calls

River comes 9h board is 2c7h8c9s9h pot 46
about 65 behind

Hero bets 19.50
Villain shoves 65


Episode 133: Live From Las Vegas with Alex Fitzgerald and Carlos Welch

Alex “Assassinato” Fitzgerald and “The” Carlos Welch join Nate and Andrew in a room at the Gold Coast to talk about Las Vegas, getting better at poker, creativity, poetry, pre-flop raise sizing, and more. Don’t miss this rare treat, with two hosts and two guests all in the same place at the same time! We only get a few chances a year to do shows like this, and they are always a ton of fun.

The books mentioned on the show are Poetic Meter & Poetic FormHow to Rap, and Decoded. Alex contributed a chapter to Excelling at No-Limit Hold ‘Em.


Episode 131: Runner Up with Dara O’Kearney

Fresh off a second-place finish in WSOP Event #45 ($1500 NLHE), Dara O’Kearney, who first appeared on Episode 102, returns to the show to talk about the mixed emotions that result from a near-victory at the WSOP and why he chose the WSOP over the softest online tournaments of the year.

You may not be a Super Razzdugi player, but please don’t skip the opening strategy segment! Nate’s “meditation” is a delight. Here are rules for Razzdugi. The “Super” qualifier means that players get four down cards and discard two of them on third street.


:30 – hello & welcome; short meditation from Nate
9:52 – dara o’kearney



Episode 130: Donks on Donking

Nate and Andrew follow up on the strategy discussion of donk betting from Episode 128.1, then discuss protecting your hand and a dealer who miscalled the action.


:30 hello & welcome
15:43 strategy


EP open limps. I raise from HJ with JTo to 20. Button calls, blinds and limper call. Flop 775 two diamonds. SB checks, BB donks for $25 into $100 pot. Limper folds. BB started with $450 and I have him well covered. I raise to $75. Everyone folds except BB who calls. Turn is offsuit 8, he checks. $250 in pot. I bet $100, and he calls. River is the Qd and he checks. I follow through and bet 250 on the river (putting him all in) into 450 and he folds.


Episode 129: Mistakes with Gareth Chantler

Gareth quits his job. Nate folds an overpair. Andrew agrees to let Gareth come back on the show.

Gareth’s last appearance on the show was Episode 123. For those who don’t know who he is, his first appearance was Episode 6.


0:30 – hello & welcome
46:10 – strategy: folding an overpair


Blinds 300/600/75. Hero (12K) opens to 1450 with Kd Kh. Late middle position (15K), SB (10K), and BB (20K) call.

T96cc. Check, check, check, 3000, fold, shove for 15K, Hero folds.


Episode 128.1

This isn’t a proper podcast episode, but it’s better than nothing! Andrew goes solo, with no co-host, no editor, and no bumper music (or, perhaps, worse than no bumper music). He talks about his World Series of Poker so far and discusses some hands related to donk betting.

The 2015 Nitcast Las Vegas Meetup will take place on July 6th, which is Day 1b of the WSOP Main Event. Don’t worry, though! The meetup will start at 10AM, so even if you’re playing that day, you can start off on the right foot by stopping in to say hello. We’ll meet at the Gold Coast bowling alley and will be there until at least Noon, possibly later. If you’re in town, please stop in and see us!


I opened 2.5x from the CO with As Tc, a good player in the small blind called, and the big blind folded. Flop came 7s 9h Js. Villan donked about half pot, I raised 3.5x, he folded.

Blinds 100/200 button opened to 450 SB called and I called Ks Ts in the BB. Flop Qs 9d 8d SB checked I bet 900 button folded SB called. Turn 5, SB checks, I bet 1800 with 4500 behind, he folded. Plan was to jam most rivers if he called.


Episode 128: Happiness, Profit, and the WSOP

Carlos sits down in-person with Nate and Andrew to talk about putting happiness, rather than profit, front and center in his poker career (though of course winning tends to make one happier than losing!). Then the three discuss a hand from a single table satellite Nate and Carlos played, and a hand from the final table of the $10,000 SCOOP Main Event.


0:30 Hello & welcome & happiness & poker
18:19 Strategy


Episode 127: Scooping the SCOOP

The SCOOP is underway, and so Andrew and Nate grab time to record when they can, with Andrew playing a $200 PLO8 event during the show! The two discuss the various ways to run bad, some hands that arise as Andrew plays, some hands Andrew already played, and some listener questions.

Note from Andrew: I’m in a hurry at the moment and don’t have time post hand histories for the strategy segment. I’ll update this post with them when I get the opportunity. Off to Vegas in the morning!