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Episode 105: Coaching Carlos

The second batch of Thinking Poker Premium Podcasts is now available, and tonight you’re getting the first episode FREE. Fresh off of a $1-$2 no-limit game, Andrew and Nate help Carlos Welch take his first steps from tourney donk to cash game crusher. The entire Coaching Carlos series is available for just $19 at


Episode 104: The Nate and Andrew Fun Time Strategy Hour

It’s an all-strategy episode as your hosts tackle spread-limit hold ‘em, value betting, and playing your image. Don’t forget to support the show this holiday season with the Thinking Poker Amazon Affiliate Link and the fine offerings at


UTG+2 limps. Hero raises to $25 with Tc 7c in MP2. SB calls, BB folds, limper calls.

Flop ($80) is Jc 9c X. Two checks, Hero bets $30, SB folds, UTG2 calls.

Turn ($140) Jc 9c X 8h. Check, Hero bets $65, UTG2 raises to $140, Hero calls.

River ($420) Jc 9c X 8h Qx. UTG2 bets $175, Hero calls.


Episode 103: Matt Sienkiewicz

Matt Sienkiewicz is an assistant professor of communications and international relations at Boston College. He’s also a film buff and a poker fan. Matt puts Andrew’s knowledge of Foucault to the test with his analysis of key scenes from Rounders as well as a discussion of power dynamics in the poker world.

To bask in more of Matt’s podcasting prowess, check out the Interpreter Magazine Podcast that he cohosts. You can also follow Matt on Twitter.


0:30 Hello & Welcome
1:45 Strategy: Deepstacked NLHE for Advanced Players
37:39 Interview:  Matt Sienkiewicz


Episode 102 Dara O’Kearney

Dara O’Kearney went pro somewhat later in life than your average grinder, but his background in bridge, chess, backgammon, and most recently ultramarathoning made him a natural. He’s also a natural raconteur and an excellent writer. We talk about his unconventional background, the Irish poker scene, his staking business, and more. For even more stories, follow Dara on Twitter or check out his excellent blog.


0:30 – Hello & Welcome
8:29 – Strategy: a hand that will haunt you for the rest of your life
45:33 – Interview: Dara O’Kearney


Blinds 6K-12K with a 2K Ante. Villain (350K) opens to 25K, Hero (500K) calls ATo on the button, everyone else folds.

Flop As 8s 6h. Villain checks, Hero bets 75K into 84K, Villain calls.

Turn 3h. Villain checks, Hero shoves, Villain calls.


Episode 101: Jim Greer

Jim Greer, founder of Kongregate, is an avid poker player. Now he’s using game theory to combat “dark money” in American politics through CounterPAC, an organization that threatens to outspend candidates who accept anonymous donations. He joins the show to talk about his “gamesplaying” approach to campaign finance reform and the threat that Sheldon Adelson and others pose to American democracy.

:30 Hello and welcome
3:38 Crazy happenings at the poker table
8:31 Strategy: out of position with a set in a multiway pot
23:51 Interview: Jim Greer

bovada 20+2 tourney
blinds 40/80
villain 1 stack 6344
villain 2 stack 3393
hero in BB stack 7575
Villain one opens to 280 from middle position and action folds to small blind who calls.
Hero looks down at two black 3s and completes for 200.

pot goes to 840
flop 4d9c2d
all checks around

turn 3d
we turn a set and the small blind checks to us
hero bets 528 and villain one calls with villain 2 folding

pot 1896
river comes 6c
final board run out
hero holds 33 for a set and bets 766


Episode 100: Nate Meyvis and Andrew Brokos

This landmark episode sets a new bar for navel-gazing, as guest hosts Carlos Welch and Gareth Chantler turn the tables on guest guests Andrew and Nate and ask about their lives, their poker careers, and their work together on the podcast.


Episode 99: Ben Sulsky

For a guy who’s played $500/$1000 no-limit, Ben “Sauce123″ Sulsky is a surprisingly nitcast-appropriate guest. He talks about his background in philosophy, his low-rolling lifestyle, how he arrived at the heavily game theoretic style he plays today, and how he thinks artificial intelligence will shape the future.

The Thinking Poker Diaries

As announced on the show, The Thinking Poker Diaries Volume 1 now available at and will be available on Amazon on October 23 (the latter is actually a slight clarification from what was announced on the show).


0:30 – Hello & Welcome
10:23 – Mailbag: Locking up a win
23:04 – Interview: Ben Sulsky


Episode 98: Chris Moon

Chris Moon, a border-straddling tournament pro and Tournament Poker Edge instructor, is on the show this week talking about Detroit, economics, data science, five-betting light, and searching for a post-poker career.


0:30 - hello and welcome
6:00 - Strategy: An O/8 hand
35:27 – Interview: Chris Moon

I have 80K and I am on the Cutoff.

I have Ad 2d 4d 10c
Folds to me and I raise to 20K
Fold to BB and he calls.

Flop comes QAA
BB checks. I bet 10K
He raises to 20K. I call.

Turn is 6h
BB bets 20K I call

River is Jc
BB bets 20K