Episode 30: Jussi Palomäki

Jussi Palomäki is a cognitive scientist who’s published several studies on the subject of tilt. He discusses his findings, opines on Angelo’s and Tendler’s treatments of the subject, and even proves capable of discoursing on ancient philosophy. He also shares the best example of monkey tilt I’ve ever heard. Timestamps 0:36 Hello and Welcome 23:30 … Read moreEpisode 30: Jussi Palomäki

Episode 29: Tommy Angelo

Listener (and host) favorite Tommy Angelo returns to the podcast to discuss Elements of Poker. If you enjoy this one, be sure to check out his previous appearance as well. And if you like the mailbag segment, there’s more discussion about opening (or not) from the small blind on Episode 13. Timestamps 0:30 Hello and … Read moreEpisode 29: Tommy Angelo

Episode 28: Olivier Busquet, Part 2

Olivier Busquet is back for more (actually he never left, we just chopped up our interview with him). This time around, we talk about televised poker commentary, the quality of political discourse in America, Olivier’s Toronto poker pad, and the possibility of moving on from poker. Just as you could last week, you can follow @OlivierBusquet on … Read moreEpisode 28: Olivier Busquet, Part 2

Episode 27: Olivier Busquet, Part 1

Olivier Busquet, AKA high-stakes heads up sit-and-go boss livb112, joins us from his poker refugee pad in Toronto. With remarkable candor, he talks about his frustrations and his strategy for staying on top of his chosen format. You can follow @OlivierBusquet on Twitter and read his website for insightful, if infrequent, blog posts. Strategy We … Read moreEpisode 27: Olivier Busquet, Part 1

Episode 26: Short, Sweet, and Strategic

No guest this week, just thorough strategy talk. Andrew brags about a deep run in a free poker tournament, we break down a hand from a 6-handed WSOP prelim event, and we discuss the first third of Tommy Angelo’s Elements of Poker. Tommy also provided the music this week. Strategy This week’s hand has actually been … Read moreEpisode 26: Short, Sweet, and Strategic

Episode 25: Ed Miller

Poker author Ed Miller, the brains behind March book club selection Playing the Player among other great titles, gives generously of his time for both a regular interview and a thorough discussion of his book. We talk about the unconventional beginning to his poker career, co-authoring a book with David Sklansky, and veganism in Las … Read moreEpisode 25: Ed Miller

Episode 24: Nicolás Amaya

Nicolás “Nico” Amaya is a professional heads up hyper-turbo sit-and-go player. He’s also an industrial engineering student, an entrepeneur, and a former member of the Spanish national ski team, and we talk to him about all of those things. Nico has made a few appearances on this blog, most notably in Three Days in Madrid and … Read moreEpisode 24: Nicolás Amaya

Episode 23 with Guest Host Leo Wolpert

Leo Wolpert, whom you may remember from Episode 10, is back as a co-host this week. He shares a hand from a recent WSOP circuit event and a story from his friend Jason Somerville’s blog. Strategy Segment Leo starts the hand with 10K, everyone else covers. Blinds are 100/200/25. Leo raises to 500 with 88 … Read moreEpisode 23 with Guest Host Leo Wolpert