Episode 22: André Coimbra

André Coimbra is a member of PokerStars Team Online and the 2009 Magic: The Gathering World Champion. In 2013, he withdrew all but $100 from his PokerStars account, asked support to reset his VIP status to Bronze Star, and set about trying to raise $100,000 for charity. Coached by yours truly, he’s off to a great start, … Read moreEpisode 22: André Coimbra

Episode 21: Tubby Boots

Something different today: Andrew interviews his grandmother about her brother, a 400-pound cross-dressing stand-up comedian with a love for all things gambling. The result is a moving, inspiring portrait of a life well-, if strangely, lived. Plus, some exciting announcements! Tubby Boots was a performer with an ecclectic, eccentric career that spanned four decades. At … Read moreEpisode 21: Tubby Boots

Episode 19 Featuring John Wray

John Wray, co-creator, director, and co-writer of The Micros, talks about the origins of the show and his early vision for it. We also delve into John’s own origin story, from his studies at film school to his stint at Disney Studios to his plans for introducing Star Wars to his kids. You can follow … Read moreEpisode 19 Featuring John Wray

Podcast Episode 17 Featuring Ryan Hall

Ryan Hall has a full-time job teaching high school in Ontario, but that hasn’t stopped him from staying on top of the MTT world for six years and counting. Ryan has amassed more than $2 million in online winnings and an FTOPS title playing mostly on weekends and school holidays. In this interview he talks … Read morePodcast Episode 17 Featuring Ryan Hall

Podcast Episode 16 Featuring Derek “Killingbird” Tenbusch

Derek “Killingbird” Tenbusch is a founder and owner of Tournament Poker Edge, the video training site for which I now make videos, and a host of the Tournament Poker Edge Strategy Podcast. Tournament Poker Edge Live and The Chirp Herm Show round out TPE’s podcast offerings. Congratulations to Vanessa Selbst for winning the $25K PCA High Roller. … Read morePodcast Episode 16 Featuring Derek “Killingbird” Tenbusch

Podcast Episode 15 Co-Hosted by Gareth Chantler

Edit: Some people reported difficulty playing/downloading this episode, so I’ve re-uploaded and re-published it. If you had trouble before, please try again now and let me know whether it’s working for you. Gareth Chantler fills in for Andrew while your regular host is busy nitting it up at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. Nate and Gareth catch … Read morePodcast Episode 15 Co-Hosted by Gareth Chantler