WCOOP Day 8 ($215 rebuy, $530 NLHE)

This was the second Sunday of WCOOP. There was actually a $1050 6-max that I ended up skipping. It started several hours earlier than everything else I wanted to play, and it didn’t seem quite good enough to build my entire schedule around. Sundays are (hopefully) long days already, and you don’t want to be … Read moreWCOOP Day 8 ($215 rebuy, $530 NLHE)

WCOOP Day 7 ($500 Win the Button and $215 NLHE)

Friday the 8th was an off day for me. I ran some errands and also went for another ride on the P’tit Train du Nord bike path. The weather was gray and intermittently rainy, as it had been since our arrival. It seemed like I had timed my ride for a particularly pleasant period, and … Read moreWCOOP Day 7 ($500 Win the Button and $215 NLHE)

Rate Our Play Results

Thanks to everyone who participated in the inaugural Rate Our Play. I’ll take the blame for the low attendance, as I haven’t been actively blogging lately. That should change once WCOOP gets underway. DP1: Uncontroversial. DP2: Uncontroversial at this stack depth. With deeper stacks, this is a reasonable BB vs BN 3-betting candidate, but with … Read moreRate Our Play Results

Can’t Believe We’re Just Giving This Away!

Dara Kearney and I yesterday released a joint review of a hyper turbo tournament that he won on PokerStars. Most of you probably know, by now, that I’m raising money for the Bay Area Urban Debate League and will release a free hour of poker strategy video for every $500 raised. Dara kindly agreed to … Read moreCan’t Believe We’re Just Giving This Away!