Personalized Poker Coaching

Thinking Poker Coaching

My Philosophy Make the most of your study time with individualized, one-on-one coaching from one of poker’s most accomplished teachers. My philosophy is to help you improve your thought processes rather than tell you how to play specific hands or situations. This means that my goal is to help you realize all of the things that you should be considering during a hand, to consider those things more quickly and effectively, and to get you in the habit of doing so consistently and instinctually. I won’t just tell you what to do, I’ll teach you how to assess tough situations correctly so that you can find the best play yourself. If you want to win like a top pro, you need to learn to think like a top pro!

My Programs In addition to custom coaching, I offer the Crushing Live Cash Games program for live cash game players and the Dominate Donkaments program for tournament specialists. For an even deeper discount, I also offer customized video reviews for online players. Each coaching option is designed to teach you the key concepts, techniques, and strategies that will help you get better, faster.

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