Crushing Live Cash Games

Even if you’re a winner at your local card room, you probably aren’t winning anywhere near what you could be. Learn advanced tactics for taking maximum advantage of the highly exploitable play you encounter in your regular game. The Crushing Live Cash Games package includes three two-hour skills sessions, a one-hour diagnostic, three months’ access to my Tournament Poker Edge videos, and a syllabus to guide your independent study between sessions and after the package is complete.

  • Diagnostic (1 hour): We begin with a detailed analysis of the game(s) in which you play regularly to determine who plays there, how do they play, who gives you the most trouble, and who makes the biggest mistakes. The session concludes with a discussion of commonly encountered situations designed to assess how you currently think about the game and where you have the most room for improvement.
  • Hand Reading (2 hours): Practice my simple but effective hand reading technique and tailor it to the players in your game. Poker is easy when you know what your opponents have!
  • Maximizing Value (2 hours): Improve your winrate by raking bigger pots when you have the best hand. Learn how to build big pots when you have the nuts and squeeze extra bets out of thin value hands.
  • Free! Attacking Weakness (2 hours): Bluffing is an underappreciated tool in loose games. Contrary to popular wisdom, big bluffs can be extremely profitable in these games. Learn how to analyze your opponents’ mannerisms and betting patterns for weakness and how to push them out of the pot.
  • Free! Video Integration: The Crushing Live Cash Games course builds on material presented in my Tournament Poker Edge videos. You get three months of free access to those videos, enabling our sessions to be tightly focused on how to adapt and apply these skills in the games you play.
  • Free! Independent Study: After each session, you’ll receive detailed recommendations about what to study and how to practice your new skills in between sessions. This includes sample hands and worksheets to help you test your understanding of new concepts!

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  1. Hi my name is frank, I’ve losing a lot of money, I never win and go broke no matter what I do.
    I would like to know how much money is the couching thing.

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