What Are the Best Hands to Three-Bet?

My latest poker strategy article, “What Are the Best Hands to Three-Bet?”, is now appearing in the February 2017 edition of Two Plus Two Magazine. If you know anything about me, you know that that’s not a question I’m going to answer in just a few words! In fact, I’ve already got a follow-up article planned. But here’s a taste of what to expect from this one: When you three-bet, you’re gearing up to play a big pot, so you ought to come strapped. That doesn’t have to mean Aces, but it should mean a hand with a reasonable chance … Read more…

Episode 200

Wow! Two hundred episodes! In this special episode, we invite our most frequents guests as well as several of our most active community members to reminisce about the show’s past and help us dream about its future. 0:30 – Nate & Andrew 18:55 – Matt Glassman (First Appearance: Episode 191) 74:36 – Leo Wolpert (First Appearance: Episode 10) 91:23 – Gareth Chantler (First Appearance: Episode 6) 119:54 – Jason Simon (First Appearance: Episode 158) 136:57 – Eileen Sutton (First Appearance: Episode 197) 163:35 – Alex Rosenburg 181:02 – Sean Lango (First Appearance: Episode 49) 207:37 – Carlos Welch (First Appearance: Episode 39) For … Read more…

Meet and Learn From Us in NYC!

Nate Meyvis and I will be co-hosting, along with the guys from Just Hands Poker, an event in the New York City area March 25th and 26th. Admission will include a meet-and-greet, a meal, a four-hour deep-stacked $1/$2 cash game session, and a video of us commenting on the hands played during the session. You can also add on a Leakfinder that will include specific analysis of your personal strengths and weaknesses as exhibited during the session. For full details or to sign up, click here!

Episode 199.5: Mississippi Grinding

Matt Sienkiewicz, a professor at Boston College and Episode 103 guest, co-hosts with Nate. They compare the poker movie MISSISSIPPI GRIND with Nate’s recent trip to Biloxi. They also discuss a strategy hand and some colorful opponents from Nate’s victory in a preliminary event from the Million Dollar Heater. Matt’s new book, which you’ll hear a bit about, is The Other Air Force.

Episode 199: Tim Bishop

Tim Bishop came to poker via the unconventional route of Motocross. We talk about how he got started in racing, why he got out, and how he’s dreaming of getting back in. Of course we also talk about his life as a professional, how his background in racing helps him, and what he still struggles with. Plus we’ve got a combination ethics/strategy question about accepting a freeroll in order to help another player chase a high hand jackpot! Timestamps 0:30 – hello 6:55 – strategy 19:45 – tim b

Free Poker Strategy Video With Jamie Kerstetter

Below you’ll find nearly a full hour of high-quality tournament poker strategy, a combination of hand review and general strategy talk. Best of all, one of the participants is the always-delightful Jamie Kerstetter, so you’re bound to get a few laughs as you learn. If you enjoy listening to her, be sure to check out her Twitch channel! Jamie and I created this video as part of a year-end fundraising campaign for the Bay Area Urban Debate League. Donations are always welcome!

Episode 198.5: Patrick Leonard (Partial)

Patrick Leonard (pads1161 on PokerStars, plenopads on Twitter) is one of the most respected MTT players in the world and one of the head coaches at bitB staking. It’s too bad we lost some of the audio from our interview with him! Hopefully you’ll still enjoy what we have. Timestamps 0:30 – hello and welcome 2:52 – hello and welcome again 9:34 – strategy 35:38 – Patrick Leonard

Free PLO8 Strategy Video with Nate Meyvis!

Nate Meyvis is my guest for the latest free strategy video, and in his honor, I found a PLO8 tournament for us to review. It’s fun and informative! We created this video as part of a year-end fundraising campaign for the Bay Area Urban Debate League.  To unlock more videos like this one and get a shot at some great prizes, please donate to the campaign now!