Boston Debate League in the News

Sunday’s Boston Herald contained a very nice article about the Boston Debate League, a non-profit organization that I founded and now direct. Please click here to read it! There are actually some audio clips also, though they’re hard to find. After the second paragraph, there’s a drop-down box that says “related articles, multimedia, and images.” … Read moreBoston Debate League in the News

I Spent Thursday Night in an Atlanta Hospital

This weekend I’m taking a two debaters from Boston to the J. B. Fuqua Urban Debate League Celebration in Atlanta. The two debaters, Charles and Peter, are a great team. Charles is a hefty black man, smart but reserved, very friendly and with a charming sense of humor once he warms to you. Peter is … Read moreI Spent Thursday Night in an Atlanta Hospital

Trip Report: Poker in the Court of Public Opinion

I attended a pretty interesting meeting yesterday about the UIGEA and strategies for legitimating the game of poker in general. It was an impressive crowd consisting of some prominent lobbyists and lawyers for the gaming industry, Poker Players Alliance president Michael Bolcerek, professional poker players Annie Duke, Howard Lederer, and Andy Bloch, some researchers and … Read moreTrip Report: Poker in the Court of Public Opinion

California’s Loss is Massachusetts’ Gain

I got a note today from a young woman I first met last summer while teaching at a debate camp for the Los Angeles and Southern California Urban Debate Leagues. She was one of the smartest, nicest, and most mature teenagers I’ve had the pleasure to work with, and she’s kept me updated throughout her … Read moreCalifornia’s Loss is Massachusetts’ Gain

Boston Debate League Luncheon

Sorry for the recent silence, but I’ve had a busy few days. On Tuesday, my non-profit organization, the Boston Debate League (BDL), co-hosted a luncheon with the National Association for Urban Debate Leagues (NAUDL). To be brutally honest, the BDL’s organizational and institutional capacity is severely underdeveloped right now. That is to say, we’ve accomplished … Read moreBoston Debate League Luncheon