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There’s a free and easy way to support this blog and the Thinking Poker Podcast when you’re doing your holiday shopping this year. Just use our affiliate link and Nate and I will get a percentage of anything you buy. It won’t cost you a thing, and it well help us out. We’re still working on getting affiliate accounts set up for all of the international Amazon incarnations, but here are a few for those of you in Western Europe:

For shopping in the US

For shopping in Canada

For shopping in the UK

For shopping in Germany

For shopping in Spain

For shopping in France

If you’re looking for something for the poker player in your life, consider:

Ed Miller’s Playing the Player

Tommy Angelo’s Elements of Poker

Zach Ellwood’s Reading Poker Tells

Or for coffee lovers, there’s always the old Nitcast staple Aeropress.

Happy Holidays!

5 thoughts on “Support the Podcast

  1. I wasn’t sure where to post this. I bought Nate’s book and immediately found an editing issue. In hand 1, The eight-seat opens, Nate calls and everyone folded. Then, at loc 92, 108 and 111, we switch to the three-seat?? Loc 92 talks about an earlier bluff (which, at the time I read it, seemed a strange comment) and I think the reference to the 3-seat should really be the 8-seat. Since we may be at this table for a while, it would be a good idea to know who is who(m?).

    Since this is an e-book, it may be something that is easily fixed.

    Dalai Pookah

  2. Hi tp
    I bought via your uk link super system as I want to get into 8 game and Adrienne Rawson suggested this book.
    Do you have any recommendations for 8 game books/ online tutorial sites?
    Btw, supa podcasts fellas

  3. Hey guys, I was listening to the latest epi (182) and heard the call for software developers, so I decided to drop you a line.

    I have a little less than 15 yrs of professional software development experience, and am an avid recreational poker player. I’m currently working for a company called Malwarebytes. We can setup a facetime or skype call and chat, I’d be happy to field your questions.


    • Crap, didn’t realize this gets posted for all to see. Could you pls remove my email addresses from my comment? A little embarassing, lol.

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