2017 Podcast Countdown: First Place

I’m glad – blown away, really – that so many of you enjoy listening to the Thinking Poker Podcast. Ultimately, though, it’s a selfish endeavor (for me anyway, don’t want to speak for Nate here). I do it because it’s good for me. Poker is a stressful pursuit, and often a lonely one. It’s good … Read more2017 Podcast Countdown: First Place

WCOOP Day 15 ($2100 Sunday Million, $215 NLHE, $215 Progressive Knockout)

I planned my schedule around the $2K (naturally), so I registered the warm-up quite late. That gave me time to go for a bike ride and a pastry in town before starting work for the day. I got off to a good start in it but then lost AK to AK. In the $215 PKO, … Read moreWCOOP Day 15 ($2100 Sunday Million, $215 NLHE, $215 Progressive Knockout)

WCOOP Day 8 ($215 rebuy, $530 NLHE)

This was the second Sunday of WCOOP. There was actually a $1050 6-max that I ended up skipping. It started several hours earlier than everything else I wanted to play, and it didn’t seem quite good enough to build my entire schedule around. Sundays are (hopefully) long days already, and you don’t want to be … Read moreWCOOP Day 8 ($215 rebuy, $530 NLHE)

Episode 208: Michael Bowling of CPRG

Michael Bowling of the University of Alberta Computer Poker Research Group, who has previously appeared on Episode 79 and on Episode 110 after “essentially” solving Heads Up Limit Hold ‘Em, returns to discuss the group’s latest work creating an AI that it claims can beat top human players at the far┬ámore complex game of No … Read moreEpisode 208: Michael Bowling of CPRG

Episode 180: The WSOP Main Event!

Andrew, Nate, and THE Carlos Welch gather in a hotel room at the Gold Coast to discuss their first day in the WSOP Main Event. There’s loads of strategy talk, as Nate bet-folds the river, Carlos gets full value from a set, and Andrew navigates some dicey situations with AK. Plus, Andrew discusses his encounter … Read moreEpisode 180: The WSOP Main Event!

Episode 145: Clayton Fletcher Runs Deep

Clayton Fletcher, who first appeared on Episode 74, is back to discuss his 96th place finish in the 2015 WSOP Main Event. Hear how he celebrated, how he dealt with a sudden reversal of fortune, and how his other career in stand-up comedy helps him withstand the challenges of a multi-day poker tournament. Follow Clayton … Read moreEpisode 145: Clayton Fletcher Runs Deep

Thinking Poker Diaries, Volume 5

Depending on your definition of exciting, you might be interested to hear that my latest book has hit the digital shelves! The fifth volume of The Thinking Poker Diaries chronicles my 87th place finish the 2010 WSOP Main Event. Day by day, it introduces the situations and opponents I encountered as well as important hands … Read moreThinking Poker Diaries, Volume 5

WSOP Main Event Wrap-Up

Sorry I haven’t posted any Main Event updates. First I was competing, then I was apoplectic. I’ll start with the good news: Carlos Welch, Nate Meyvis, and Leo Wolpert all squeaked into the money but did not survive Day 3. Nate folded to Queens to two shoves that turned out to be from AK and … Read moreWSOP Main Event Wrap-Up