Episode 238: Brad Willis

Brad Willis is the head of blogging for PokerStars and the author of the excellent Rapid Eye Reality blog. We talk to him about politics at the poker table, raising sons, and living as a progressive in the American South. Plus we extract more music recommendations from him! Brad’s previous appearance was Episode 150. Support … Read moreEpisode 238: Brad Willis

Episode 154: Martin Harris

Poker journalist and blogger Martin Harris, alternately (better?) known as Short-Stacked Shamus, was one of our very first guests. Now, 150 episodes later, he’s back to discuss poker’s evolving place in American culture. Also, horses. In the strategy segment, we discuss common mistakes and misunderstandings about short-stacked play. If you missed any of the recent … Read moreEpisode 154: Martin Harris

Episode 150: Brad Willis

Brad Willis, the head of blogging for PokerStars and the man behind the brilliant writing at Rapid Eye Reality, is a fitting guest for Episode 150. He’s full of stories about the South, home games, and the early days of online poker, as well as speculation about the future of poker and poker media. Turns … Read moreEpisode 150: Brad Willis

Episode 67: Gareth Chantler’s Big Win

Gareth Chantler calls in from a hostel in Phuket, Thailand to discuss his latest travels, his second-place finish in a $215 TCOOP tournament, and the plight of the Rohingya¬†people. You can follow @GarethChantler on Twitter, read his final table write-up on the PokerStars blog, and read more from Brad Willis on his excellent blog. Timestamps … Read moreEpisode 67: Gareth Chantler’s Big Win