Episode 245: Carlooser

Carlos Welch is back to talk about his decision to get coaching from Ryan “Protential” LaPlante and the new, looser style of play with which he’s been experimenting as a result. Timestamps 0:30 – hello 34:19 – strat Strategy Hand 1 Hand 2 Hero opens to $35 with 8d 7d UTG, called by MP and … Read moreEpisode 245: Carlooser

2017 Podcast Countdown: Second Place

Counting down my favorite Thinking Poker Podcast episodes of 2017. Details/retrospective here. In third place is Episode 220: Tommy’s Room. Tommy Angelo and Carlos Welch are among my all-time favorite guests, so getting them together on one show would have already had the makings of greatness. But what made it all the greater is that … Read more2017 Podcast Countdown: Second Place

Episode 220: Tommy’s Room

Tommy Angelo invites Andrew and Carlos into his suite at the Rio while Nate joins by Skype to discuss Tommy’s history at the WSOP (dating back to 1987!) and some rare card-playing strategy with a man known primarily for his “mental game” coaching! Timestamps 0:25 Hello and Welcome 16:00 Strategy

Episode 218: Dara in the House!

Andrew and Dara O’Kearney are roommates for the WSOP this summer. They talk with Nate about the start of their series, their plans for the summer, and Andrew’s hopes for Day 2 of the Colossus and the Tag Team event with Carlos Welch.

Episode 203: The No-Longer-Homeless Poker Player

Carlos Welch is no longer homeless! At least for the moment, he’s living with Alexander Fitzgerald in Bullhead City, AZ, and Andrew is paying him a visit! We catch on Andrew’s travels, Carlos’ new digs, and strategy! Timestamps 0:30 = hello 23:05 = strat Strategy $2/$5 Hero ($700) opens to $20 UTG with AKo. Four … Read moreEpisode 203: The No-Longer-Homeless Poker Player

Episode 200

Wow! Two hundred episodes! In this special episode, we invite our most frequents guests as well as several of our most active community members to reminisce about the show’s past and help us dream about its future. 0:30 – Nate & Andrew 18:55 – Matt Glassman (First Appearance: Episode 191) 74:36 – Leo Wolpert (First Appearance: … Read moreEpisode 200