Episode 246: Guess We’re Talking Strategy

It’s one strategy segment… followed by another strategy segment, after an interview needs to be rescheduled. Nate and Andrew discuss playing from the Small Blind and playing tricky hands like top pair with a bad kicker. Timestamps 0:30 hello 9:35 strat 51:43 extra strat Strategy Hand 1 – 3/5 NL Couple of limps, CO raises … Read moreEpisode 246: Guess We’re Talking Strategy

Episode 245: Carlooser

Carlos Welch is back to talk about his decision to get coaching from Ryan “Protential” LaPlante and the new, looser style of play with which he’s been experimenting as a result. Timestamps 0:30 – hello 34:19 – strat Strategy Hand 1 Hand 2 Hero opens to $35 with 8d 7d UTG, called by MP and … Read moreEpisode 245: Carlooser

Episode 242: Your Strategy Questions Answered!

Nate and Andrew enjoy some “alone time” and answer listeners’ strategy questions (and a programming question) from the mailbag. Here’s the online MIT Computer Science Course that Nate recommended. Strategy Hand 1 100 BB effective stacksĀ  Dealt to Hero: Ks Ts UTG folds, Hero (MP) raises to 3BB, Villain (CO) calls, BTN folds, SB folds, … Read moreEpisode 242: Your Strategy Questions Answered!

Episode 234: Carloose Welch

Carlos Welch has a new home (hotel), a new (used) van, and a new three-barreling range. We talk to him about living in Laughlin and driving across the country, and in our strategy segment, we get some insight into his “Carloose” style of play. If you aren’t familiar with Carlos, you can hear his full … Read moreEpisode 234: Carloose Welch

KL Cleeton Hand History Review on Tournament Poker Edge!

The first installment of latest poker strategy videos series just went up at Tournament Poker Edge. It’s one I’m especially excited about because it’s the first time I’ve ever done a member hand history review (well, excepting the time that Carlos and I looked over his big Bovada win together). I chose to review a … Read moreKL Cleeton Hand History Review on Tournament Poker Edge!

WCOOP Day 20 ($500 6-Max)

My birthday always falls during WCOOP, so it’s been a long time since I took it as a vacation day. But this year’s events felt more skippable than usual (the only thing I was really tempted to play was the $2100 PKO, and even then, the mid-week $2K events just weren’t that great – this … Read moreWCOOP Day 20 ($500 6-Max)

Progressive Knockout Examples, Part 1

My latest poker strategy article, Progressive Knockout Examples Part 1, is now appearing in 2+2 Magazine. It’s a follow-up to a previous article, using some real examples from progressive knockout tournaments to explore some theory about how to make decisions about chasing bounties.

WCOOP Day 16 ($530 NLHE, $109 NLHE Day 2)

Monday was going to be a day off, but since I was going to be playing Day 2 of the $109 anyway, I decided to reg a few other tournaments, including the $530 NLHE WCOOP. That one got off to a good start, but I soon ended up in a tricky spot that I’m pretty … Read moreWCOOP Day 16 ($530 NLHE, $109 NLHE Day 2)