Episode 243: Jamal Hanson

Jamal Hanson introduces us to a high-stakes poker game we knew nothing about… because it’s played behind bars. Jamal, who graduated college at 16 but ultimately landed him in prison for selling crack cocaine, talks about learning to play, landing a whale, winning the tacit approval of the warden, and sorting out the logistics of … Read moreEpisode 243: Jamal Hanson

Free Video: Bet Sizing on the River

Thanks to everyone who’s contributed so far to my Bay Area Urban Debate League campaign. Here’s the first of your free videos. It’s a one-hour look at river bet sizing in PioSolver. Not only will you learn the basics of under- and over-betting, but you’ll also get a glimpse at how to translate a solver … Read moreFree Video: Bet Sizing on the River

KL Cleeton Hand History Review on Tournament Poker Edge!

The first installment of latest poker strategy videos series just went up at Tournament Poker Edge. It’s one I’m especially excited about because it’s the first time I’ve ever done a member hand history review (well, excepting the time that Carlos and I looked over his big Bovada win together). I chose to review a … Read moreKL Cleeton Hand History Review on Tournament Poker Edge!

Progressive Knockout Examples, Part 1

My latest poker strategy article, Progressive Knockout Examples Part 1, is now appearing in 2+2 Magazine. It’s a follow-up to a previous article, using some real examples from progressive knockout tournaments to explore some theory about how to make decisions about chasing bounties.

WCOOP Day 14 ($530 Progressive Knockout and $215 6-Max Rebuy)

I slept poorly on Thursday night, probably a combination of adrenaline from making a significant final table with drinking caffeine later than usual (because of the final table) and replaying (ok, beating myself up over) some key hands in my head. I hadn’t planned to take Friday off, but the offerings weren’t that great so … Read moreWCOOP Day 14 ($530 Progressive Knockout and $215 6-Max Rebuy)

WCOOP Day 2 ($215 PLO 6-Max, $1050 PKO, $530 8-max NLHE)

Emily and I did some extensive grocery shopping in the morning, returning in just enough time for me to squeeze in a quick workout before the start of the $1050 Progressive Knock-Out. I late registered the $215 PLO around the same time. I’m barely competent at PLO, but I do want to get better at … Read moreWCOOP Day 2 ($215 PLO 6-Max, $1050 PKO, $530 8-max NLHE)

Episode 224: KL Cleeton

KL Cleeton was born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, but that hasn’t kept him from playing poker both live and online. In 2017, he won a contest sponsored by Daniel Negreanu and lived his dream of playing in the WSOP Main Event, ultimately cashing for over $16,000! He and Andrew discuss the adaptations that enable him … Read moreEpisode 224: KL Cleeton

Episode 223: E-Tay

Esther Taylor, better known as E-Tay, is a mixed game player who also knows how to kick ass in no-limit hold ’em tournaments. Andrew talks to her about learning new games, being a poker-playing mom, and more. Plus Carlos Welch and his alter ego Carloose join for strategy discussion! Timestamps 0:30 – hello 8:29 – … Read moreEpisode 223: E-Tay