Episode 204: Angela Bassa

Angela Bassa is the director of data science at iRobot and an occasional poker player with more than a passing interest in Libratus and its implications for artificial intelligence. In this interview, we talk about poker’s intersections with data science and artificial intelligence, as well as what’s going through a data scientist’s mind when she … Read moreEpisode 204: Angela Bassa

Episode 185: Billy Sharkey

Billy Sharkey’s poker career has been a roller coaster that led him to mindfulness meditation, and that helps… except when it doesn’t. In this revealing interview, Billy discusses dealing with losses, the complex politics of high stakes home games, his struggle with pit gambling, and how he makes sense of it all. Billy’s latest adventure … Read moreEpisode 185: Billy Sharkey

Episode 159: SuperDave

Love him or hate him, SuperDave is undoubtedly a legend at Foxwoods. With admirable candor, the high-limit stud player talks to us about his background, his code, his prop bets, his unique table presence, the difficulties he’s faced, and the challenges he’s still struggling with today. Timestamps 0:30 – hello & welcome 10:09 – strategy … Read moreEpisode 159: SuperDave

Episode 70: Jennifer Shahade

Jennifer Shahade is a two-time American Women’s Chess Champion, an author, and a professional poker player. She joins the show to discuss the world of chess, her transition to poker, Open Face Chinese, the Grindettes, and her recent TED talk. You can follow her on Twitter or on Instagram and read her articles or buy … Read moreEpisode 70: Jennifer Shahade

Episode 64: John the Lawyer

John the Lawyer left a profitable legal practice to play poker professionally. He cut his teeth in the big game at Foxwoods playing against, among others, a young Vanessa Selbst. In this interview, he shares his thoughts on live poker, home games, game selection, the evolution and state of no-limit hold ’em, how to deal … Read moreEpisode 64: John the Lawyer

Literally Killed the Foxwoods 10/25 Game

Yesterday was a long day. It was the first tournament of the BDL’s fifth season, and though I’m no longer the director, I still very much wanted and needed to be there. So I woke up around 6AM, spent the next twelve hours on my feet helping to run a debate tournament, then drove straight … Read moreLiterally Killed the Foxwoods 10/25 Game

Foxwoods Mega Trip Report: Part 3

nTodd and I hit up the breakfast buffet at the Veranda Café. I mentioned that I like casino buffets for cheap meals because although some of the food is guaranteed to be terrible, you can keep rolling the dice until you find something you like. If you order a sandwich from the deli, you’re stuck … Read moreFoxwoods Mega Trip Report: Part 3