Never Forget

I was not directly effected nor especially traumatized (no moreso, that is, than the vast majority of humans who were horrified by the suffering, death, and destruction) by the attacks of September 11. Far more traumatic, for me, was what took place in the weeks that followed, specifically the adoption of the Patriot Act, the invasion … Read moreNever Forget

Coming to Montreal

Sorry for the lack of posts here. As you’ll see, I’ve had a busy few weeks. It started nicely, with a trip to visit some old friends. As much as Emily and I have enjoyed living in San Francisco, there are some downsides, most notably the fact that most of our family and friends are … Read moreComing to Montreal

Carlos Was Here

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” That’s something my girlfriend repeats often; a quick googling attributes it to Jim Rohn, a “motivational speaker and self help guru”.  Human beings are social creatures, and we take a lot of our cues from the people around us. They affect our mood, … Read moreCarlos Was Here

Dispatch From Istanbul

If you listened to Episode 34 of the Thinking Poker Podcast, then you know that Gareth Chantler was in Istanbul during the recent protests in Taksim Square. The following is a guest post by Gareth about the experience. He didn’t provide any specific context for the photos he sent, so I inserted them somewhat arbitrarily … Read moreDispatch From Istanbul

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