Episode 247: Maria Konnikova

Maria Konnikova is a contributing writer for the New Yorker and the author of The Confidence Game and Mastermind: How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes. You can read more and keep up with her latest work on her website, on Twitter, or on Instagram. Timestamps 0:30 Strategy 31:46 Maria Konnikova Strategy This hand is from … Read moreEpisode 247: Maria Konnikova

Episode 244: Ryan Click

Ryan Click is a former professional poker player who now works in sales in the space/aerospace industry (and still plays a lot of poker!). We talk about the future – and present – of space exploration, the importance of a dedicated bankroll for amateur players, overcoming alcohol addiction, and much more. Timestamps Intro: 0:30 Interview: … Read moreEpisode 244: Ryan Click

2017 Podcast Countdown: Third Place

Counting down my favorite Thinking Poker Podcast episodes of 2017. Details/retrospective here. In third place is Episode 199.5: Mississippi Grinding. Getting to enjoy the Thinking Poker Podcast as a listener, without have been involved in its creation, is a rare treat for me. So it’s possible that I’m biased, but I loved listening to Nate … Read more2017 Podcast Countdown: Third Place

2017 Podcast Countdown: Fourth Place

Counting down my favorite Thinking Poker Podcast episodes of 2017. Details/retrospective here. I’m embarrassed to admit that I made an error that I’m sure is as familiar as it is unwelcome to folks with disabilities. In retrospect, I think I came into my interview with KL Cleeton assuming that he would be defined by his … Read more2017 Podcast Countdown: Fourth Place

2017 Podcast Countdown: Fifth Place

We published the last Thinking Poker Podcast of 2017 on Christmas Day. It was our fifth full year of podcasting (we started in September 2012) and an exciting and challenging year. For both Nate and me (though moreso for him, following the birth of his first child), it was the busiest of the five years, … Read more2017 Podcast Countdown: Fifth Place

Episode 227: Talal Shakerchi

Talal Shakerchi just might be the best amateur poker player in the world. Playing as “raidalot” on PokerStars, he’s won, among other things, the $10,000 Spring Championship of Online Poker Main Event.┬áThe hedge fund manager discusses what may be driving PokerStars’ controversial business decisions as well as his own involvement with poker and with philanthropy. … Read moreEpisode 227: Talal Shakerchi

Episode 212: Matt Bodnar

Matt Bodnar is an investor, the host of The Science of Success podcast, and an avid poker player. We talk to him about his experiences in poker inform his work in investing and vice versa, and how what he’s learned from “The Science of Success” can help poker players. In our strategy segment, we discuss … Read moreEpisode 212: Matt Bodnar

Episode 204: Angela Bassa

Angela Bassa is the director of data science at iRobot and an occasional poker player with more than a passing interest in Libratus and its implications for artificial intelligence. In this interview, we talk about poker’s intersections with data science and artificial intelligence, as well as what’s going through a data scientist’s mind when she … Read moreEpisode 204: Angela Bassa