Episode 245: Carlooser

Carlos Welch is back to talk about his decision to get coaching from Ryan “Protential” LaPlante and the new, looser style of play with which he’s been experimenting as a result. Timestamps 0:30 – hello 34:19 – strat Strategy Hand 1 Hand 2 Hero opens to $35 with 8d 7d UTG, called by MP and … Read moreEpisode 245: Carlooser

25% Off Custom Videos

Between now and the end of the year, I’m offering a 25% discount when you purchase two or more hours of custom strategy videos. That’s two hours for just $150! Get the most out of your poker study time with a poker strategy videos custom-tailored to your needs. If you play online, I can review … Read more25% Off Custom Videos

Meet and Learn From Us in NYC!

Nate Meyvis and I will be co-hosting, along with the guys from Just Hands Poker, an event in the New York City area March 25th and 26th. Admission will include a meet-and-greet, a meal, a four-hour deep-stacked $1/$2 cash game session, and a video of us commenting on the hands played during the session. You … Read moreMeet and Learn From Us in NYC!

Personalized Poker Coaching Now Available

I’m excited to announce the newest and most affordable poker coaching I’ve ever offered: personalized video reviews. For just $100/hour, half the price of my usual one-on-one coaching, I’ll create a custom video of your tournament or cash game database, a hand history of a tournament or cash game session, or just individual hands on … Read morePersonalized Poker Coaching Now Available

Thinking Poker Coaching is Better Than Ever

I’ve revamped my most popular coaching programs to be better than ever for 2014! (Yes, I realize we’re pretty well into 2014, but I had a bit of a backlog to clear before taking on new students.) Both the Crushing Live Cash Games and Dominate Donkaments programs are designed to give you maximum bang for … Read moreThinking Poker Coaching is Better Than Ever

FREE Poker Coaching Video with Andre Coimbra

Podcast listeners may remember that, when Andre was a guest on the show, I suggested that he and I record some coaching sessions to post online. Well, the first one is up! In this hand-by-hand review of a deep run he made in a $50 MTT, we talk about blind stealing, how to construct cold … Read moreFREE Poker Coaching Video with Andre Coimbra

New Coaching Program: Crushing Live Cash Games

I’ve always done well in live cash games, but prior to Black Friday I didn’t play them all that often, and I do think you encounter a somewhat different player base in live games than you do online. As you may have noticed from the hands I’ve been posting, I’ve played a lot more live … Read moreNew Coaching Program: Crushing Live Cash Games

Seminar Announcement: The WSOP Main Event

The next event in the Thinking Poker Tournament Seminar series will take place on Tuesday July 3 from 9 – 11 PM eastern (New York) time. Designed for players planning to enter the World Series of Poker main event, it will cover subjects such as: Designing a broad strategy for the day; Assessing a new … Read moreSeminar Announcement: The WSOP Main Event