Mailbag: Using Poker Stove

Q: How would you recommend using Poker Stove to get better? Especially since I can only play live these days. A: Your caveat at the end there threw a wrench in my plans for building a post around what I think is an innovative idea for the popular no-limit hold ’em odds calculator. You see, … Read moreMailbag: Using Poker Stove

Visualizing An Opponent’s Range

A lot of you probably get these “pro tip” e-mails from Full Tilt from time to time. I’ve glanced at a few and they were always very rudimentary and sometimes wrong. The title of this one caught my eye, though, and while it’s not a very sophisticated concept, it’s well-executed: Andy Bloch on “Visualizing an … Read moreVisualizing An Opponent’s Range

Real-Time Equity Estimation

I’ve been writing a lot lately about the importance of understanding how much equity your hand has against your opponent’s range, and a lot of people have quite reasonably asked how to figure that out at the table, when Poker Stove is unavailable or impractical. Thus, my January article for 2+2 Magazine is an example … Read moreReal-Time Equity Estimation