Episode 240: Jordan Young

Jordan Young has been a professional poker player for well over a decade, but only somewhat recently has he hit a stride that seems attainable. We talk about bankroll management, painkiller addiction, the Solve for Why Academy, and how to get under your opponents’ skin without ever saying a word. Timestamps 0:30 Hello & Welcome … Read moreEpisode 240: Jordan Young

Episode 227: Talal Shakerchi

Talal Shakerchi just might be the best amateur poker player in the world. Playing as “raidalot” on PokerStars, he’s won, among other things, the $10,000 Spring Championship of Online Poker Main Event. The hedge fund manager discusses what may be driving PokerStars’ controversial business decisions as well as his own involvement with poker and with philanthropy. … Read moreEpisode 227: Talal Shakerchi

Episode 215: Catching Up With Chantler

Gareth Chantler, who first appeared on Episode 6, once again graces us with his presence. This time around, we discuss James Joyce, Syria, SCOOP, and, begrudgingly, a bit of Limit Hold ‘Em strategy. Timestamps 0:30 Hello and welcome 52:44 Strategy Links Gareth Chantler on Twitter Gareth’s Stories From Syria Hassan Hassan on Twitter Iyad El-Baghdadi … Read moreEpisode 215: Catching Up With Chantler

Episode 128: Happiness, Profit, and the WSOP

Carlos sits down in-person with Nate and Andrew to talk about putting happiness, rather than profit, front and center in his poker career (though of course winning tends to make one happier than losing!). Then the three discuss a hand from a single table satellite Nate and Carlos played, and a hand from the final … Read moreEpisode 128: Happiness, Profit, and the WSOP

SCOOP Day 15: The Final Sunday

The first High event I played was the $2K 8-max. I once again found myself bet-folding a strong hand on the river to a strange raise that represented only an improbable value hand or even more improbable bluff: PokerStars – $2000+$100|200/400 Ante 50 NL (8 max) – Holdem – 8 players Hand converted by PokerTracker … Read moreSCOOP Day 15: The Final Sunday

Episode 127: Scooping the SCOOP

The SCOOP is underway, and so Andrew and Nate grab time to record when they can, with Andrew playing a $200 PLO8 event during the show! The two discuss the various ways to run bad, some hands that arise as Andrew plays, some hands Andrew already played, and some listener questions. Note from Andrew: I’m … Read moreEpisode 127: Scooping the SCOOP

SCOOP Days 11 and 12: Super Knockout and Twitch Eight-or-Better

The High event I planned to play on Wednesday was the $2K re-entry. As with several of the other mid-week $2Ks, though, it was shaping up to be a small and tough field. The re-entries really compound that, because the best players are far more likely to re-enter than the worst. So, I ultimately decided … Read moreSCOOP Days 11 and 12: Super Knockout and Twitch Eight-or-Better

SCOOP Day 10: Super Tuesday

I got off to a bad start in this tournament and didn’t recover in time to survive a lost coin flip, but there was at least one interesting pot. My river bet here is about 1.5x pot. This is a somewhat “experimental” line, but I think there’s a fair chance Villain will (correctly) expect me to … Read moreSCOOP Day 10: Super Tuesday