What’s Your Range? Results

Sorry that I was slow in posting results and lax about responding to comments. Not only was I moving over the weekend (got a place in Boston for a few months- more on this soon), but I also took ill. In retrospect eating a pre-made tuna sandwich from a rest stop Starbucks may not have … Read moreWhat’s Your Range? Results

What’s Your Range?

Today I’ve got another variation on the “What’s Your Play?” theme. I’m going to give you the play, and you have to give me the range with which you would make it. Of course for the sake of discussion, please give us your reasoning as well. Reads: MP2 I’ve never played with before but he’s … Read moreWhat’s Your Range?

What’s Your Play? Heads Up Edition: Results

Thanks to everyone who sounded off on the special HUD edition of “What’s Your Play?”. As always your comments were thought-provoking, and I was actually led to conclude that the answer isn’t as open-and-shut as I thought. I’ll start by giving you the results, and then I’ll let you know how and why I made … Read moreWhat’s Your Play? Heads Up Edition: Results

I HAD Top Pair: Results

I recently asked for reader opinions regarding a hand where I had top pair until the river, which brought an Ace but also missed a possible flush draw. Here I’m posting the results and my thoughts. If you haven’t already offered your own thoughts, please follow the link above and leave a comment before reading … Read moreI HAD Top Pair: Results