2017 Podcast Countdown: First Place

I’m glad – blown away, really – that so many of you enjoy listening to the Thinking Poker Podcast. Ultimately, though, it’s a selfish endeavor (for me anyway, don’t want to speak for Nate here). I do it because it’s good for me. Poker is a stressful pursuit, and often a lonely one. It’s good … Read more2017 Podcast Countdown: First Place

Episode 230: Christian Soto Live!

Christian Soto and Andrew meet in-person in Baltimore, hours after playing together in the World Poker Tour main event at Maryland Live!, to commiserate and talk about some key hands. This interview was tremendous fun to record and hopefully will be tremendous fun to listen to as well. To learn more from Christian you can … Read moreEpisode 230: Christian Soto Live!

Maryland Live and Podcast Pride

I know I haven’t quite finished the WCOOP review here. I got sidetracked by WPT Maryland, and after three long days of playing that (I finished 32nd), WCOOP feels like a distant memory. I’m going to make a series for Tournament Poker Edge with key hands from the WPT, so I probably won’t be posting … Read moreMaryland Live and Podcast Pride

Second in the WPTDS $570

There’s a World Poker Tour Deep Stacks series running at Maryland Live right now, and last night I managed to take second in one of the prelim events, a $570 multi-flight NLHE tournament. This was despite a shaky start where a questionable (Who am I kidding? There’s no question about it; it was bad.) decision … Read moreSecond in the WPTDS $570

WPT Maryland

Somehow it took me 12 years to get around to playing a World Poker Tour event, but I played my first one over the weekend at Maryland Live. Overall it was a well-run and well-attended event and I’m glad I played. My Day 1A table draw was quite tough, I think, given the field. Not … Read moreWPT Maryland

Episode 162: Cate Hall

Cate Hall, a former classmate of Vanessa Selbst’s at Yale Law School, walked away from a promising legal career to seek her fortune – and more importantly her happiness – in the poker world. With two final tables and five cashes on the World Poker Tour so far, she’s off to a hell of a … Read moreEpisode 162: Cate Hall

Episode 114: Gavin Griffin

Gavin Griffin once held the record for youngest WSOP bracelet winner, and he remains one of a select few players to have won WSOP, EPT, and WPT events. Yet in 2012, he found himself writing this essay about rebuilding his bankroll and his confidence, starting at $8/$16 Omaha/8. In our interview, Gavin talks about his … Read moreEpisode 114: Gavin Griffin

Episode 90: Tony “Bond18” Dunst

Tony “Bond18” Dunst, host of the World Poker Tour’s Raw Deal, joins the Thinking Poker Podcast to talk about wearing suits, interacting with fans, and treating poker like a job.