Thinking Poker Podcast Episode 9 Featuring Lee Jones

Lee Jones joins us on the show to talk about the past, present, and future of poker and PokerStars. Lee’s an interesting guy with an interesting story, and his PokerStars blog is pretty interesting too. You can learn more about the Rec.Gambling.Poker Usenet group at the RGPFAQ page.

I was wrong on a few details of the Gigabet post I describe in the strategy segment. The Villain was actually Dan Harrington, not Eric Haber, and Gigabet actually bet-folded, not check-folded, the flop. For a great example of thought-provoking Gigabet mysticism, see Theory of Stack Sizes. And for rumors surrounding Gigabet’s hucksterism, see The Demise of Gigabet.

This week in music sees a reprise of Monogold, originally heard on Episode 1.

0:22 — Greetings. Nate has a nitcast moment.
7:42 — Strategy. Hand review (blind battle, dry board, playing for stacks with top pair). Reminiscing about old Gigabet forum posts.
34:15 — Interview. We talk to Lee Jones: poker history in California and on the Internet; his jobs and living on the Isle of Man; and the state and future of poker.
1:22:34 — Discussion. Lee is awesome.
1:28:37 — Good-bye!

11 thoughts on “Thinking Poker Podcast Episode 9 Featuring Lee Jones

  1. Enjoyed the episode, thanks guys! Pretty impressive guests you’re snagging.

    Unless I missed it, there was no mention of Lee’s time at Cake. I’m guessing this was an intentional omission? Or perhaps not relevant to the discussion.

    The strategy portion is always interesting but sometimes hard to follow. While this is a podcast, having a short summary of a hand’s action on the website for example would be helpful.

    • Must have been a long shower! Next episode actually will probably be most similar to when we had you on: not a “household name” in the poker world, just a cool guy we enjoy chatting with.

  2. It would be really nice if you could either tag, or add a top-level menu to view all your podcasts.

    This was good stuff. I loved the history of Gigabet, so I’d probably love a segment on forum posters that gave you guys “Aha” moments.

    • You’re right that I should do this, just a matter of figuring out how and then actually doing it. In the meantime, you can find what you’re looking for here or by subscribing in iTunes or any other feedreader.

      Thanks also for the suggestion about Aha moments. The show notes for Episode 3 contain a few such links to Jason Strasser threads. But yeah we’ll think more about this for a future strategy segment.

  3. It strikes me that the milk is the alarming thing about drinking 2 venti lattes back to back. 4 or 6 shots of espresso isn’t that big a deal i don’t think, but isn’t a venti a pint?

        • Ha, I guess I just revealed some of my European metrosexual latte-drinking cognitive biases. I hear starbucks and venti, and I insta-picture some frothy milky thing.

          • Ha! I remember from when I lived in NYC that it could be hard to get black coffee; many there actually take “black” to mean “with sugar but not with milk/cream.” Then, of course, I moved away, retained the habit of ordering coffee “black with no sugar,” and got many funny looks.

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