Episode 219: Carlos in the House!

Carlos Welch and Andrew are rooming together in Las Vegas, and Nate joins by Skype to discuss the WSOP and Carlos’ $600 phone bill.

0:30 – hello and welcome
34:43 – strategy

3 thoughts on “Episode 219: Carlos in the House!

    • I had some really juicy life update stuff that I didn’t feel fit well with the episode because we were talking about summer stuff. Actually, there was a perfect spot for it, but I didn’t want to interrupt who every was speaking at the time or change the mood.

      Also, looked for a spot to slide it in during the Tommy episode, but didn’t find one.

      Probably one of my better stories, but it may have to get told privately now.

  1. Carlos – Your story of the coaching call that created a big phone bill left a big impression on me. What a love of the game. What a desire to help people. Many coaches would be watching the clock outta one eye the whole time. Not you. Fully immersed in helping a player get better.

    Let me know if I can help you pay that phone bill.

    Keep up the good work.

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