2017 Podcast Countdown: First Place

I’m glad – blown away, really – that so many of you enjoy listening to the Thinking Poker Podcast. Ultimately, though, it’s a selfish endeavor (for me anyway, don’t want to speak for Nate here). I do it because it’s good for me. Poker is a stressful pursuit, and often a lonely one. It’s good … Read more2017 Podcast Countdown: First Place

Episode 236: Tapiwa Gwaze

“Tapi” was born in Zimbabwe and lived in Scotland and Canada for several years before ultimately coming to the United States. Professional poker player may not have been the career that his parents envisioned for him, but after a few false starts, he’s making it work. And he’s got bigger plans for himself as well. … Read moreEpisode 236: Tapiwa Gwaze

Episode 230: Christian Soto Live!

Christian Soto and Andrew meet in-person in Baltimore, hours after playing together in the World Poker Tour main event at Maryland Live!, to commiserate and talk about some key hands. This interview was tremendous fun to record and hopefully will be tremendous fun to listen to as well. To learn more from Christian you can … Read moreEpisode 230: Christian Soto Live!

Episode 214: Daniel “Clarence” Wolf

Daniel Wolf AKA Clarence AKA Baby Dick is a professional poker player. Originally from Pittsburgh, he now lives and plays in Maryland. We talk to him about having fun at the table, jumping back and forth between 2/5 and 25/50 no limit, and wearing a Necromancer costume on Poker Night in America. Plus, in honor … Read moreEpisode 214: Daniel “Clarence” Wolf

Second in the WPTDS $570

There’s a World Poker Tour Deep Stacks series running at Maryland Live right now, and last night I managed to take second in one of the prelim events, a $570 multi-flight NLHE tournament. This was despite a shaky start where a questionable (Who am I kidding? There’s no question about it; it was bad.) decision … Read moreSecond in the WPTDS $570

Episode 199: Tim Bishop

Tim Bishop came to poker via the unconventional route of Motocross. We talk about how he got started in racing, why he got out, and how he’s dreaming of getting back in. Of course we also talk about his life as a professional, how his background in racing helps him, and what he still struggles … Read moreEpisode 199: Tim Bishop

Episode 198: Chase Bianchi

Chase Bianchi’s career as a professional poker player came in fits and starts, as we went back and forth between playing for a living and working as a dealer and supervisor. That all changed when he won a bracelet in a $1000 No-Limit Hold’Em WSOP event and suddenly found himself bankrolled for some big games! … Read moreEpisode 198: Chase Bianchi

Episode 196: Catching Up With Jamie Kerstetter

Jamie Kerstetter, who first joined us on Episode 136, is back to talk about the latest poker Twitter drama, her new role as ambassador for the Borgata poker room, her dog Crouton, and the Humane Society of Atlantic County. You can follow Jamie on Twitter at @jamiekerstetter,¬†and on Twitch at http://www.twitch.tv/jamiekerstetter. Watch her videos on … Read moreEpisode 196: Catching Up With Jamie Kerstetter